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Profesional TYPE 59's. (20+)

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Siplon #21 Posted 07 January 2016 - 08:51 PM


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View PostSieurPersil, on 06 January 2016 - 05:43 AM, said:

Hello Siplon,


    Welcome to the forums. You got a pretty rough welcome it seems ! Dont let this be your image of what the forums are. There is a lot of usefull information to be found if you want to improve your game and friendly people that will help you if you listen to their advice. The reason you got such a rough welcome is because you are using high tier premium tanks without having mastered the skills to play them yet. You dont have enough games under your belt and have not grinded and mastered any tanks to play at these tiers. Many people take this game very seriously and the worst feeling at this level is to have someone on your team that is way over his head and not capable to play his role and contribute to the team to produce a win. You might not see it but, everytime you play your high tier premium, you are a weight on your team pulling your teamates down. Blitz is just not a game that you can pay to win. Skill can only be learned via experience. 


       The most common mistake made by new players is going up in tiers too fast. Getting the next tank up ASAP without having mastered the current tier. Worst than this is buying tanks above your level of play. Everyone that do this ends up hitting a wall. You are early in your tanking carreer and can turn the tide easily. The best advice I can give you is this : Forget your high tier tanks for now. Go back down to tiers three and four and play those tanks until you can master them and dominate in games. Only then should you attempt the next tier. Take your time and dont rush up. The game does not get better at higher tier, it gets harder. Read the forums and guides available. Check videos of game play. Just a few tactics and easy to learn strategies will change the game for you.


       Good luck to you !

I just asked for a comrade :/ :De you are taking it too serious)

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