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A Beginner's Guide to the Crusader

Crusader British Light Tanks Guide

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AOT_Jaeger2 #1 Posted 12 January 2016 - 02:21 AM

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Hello again, I'm back with another British tank guide for you. This time, its on the Crusader, the amazing little Tier V light tank. As usual, Blitz Surgeon General's Warning applies here, this is a guide for beginners, and some information may seem obvious to experienced players. However, you experienced players might benefit from a quick look as well. Well, now that all of that is out of the way, lets get down to the guide.


Basic Overview:

Hit Points: 640 (Stock)

                    690 (Upgraded)

Turret Armor: 

Stock: 39mm (Front), 19mm (Sides), 24mm (Rear). 

Upgraded: 52mm (Front), 24mm (Sides), 29mm (Rear)


Hull Armor: 32mm (Front), 27mm (Sides and Rear)



Stock:  QF 2 Pdr. Gun Mk. X

AP: Avg. Pen: 78mm Avg. Dmg: 45

APCR: Avg. Pen: 121mm Avg. Dmg: 45

HE: Avg. Pen: 12mm Avg. Dmg: 60


Accuracy: .36 at 100m

Aiming Time: 1.5s

RoF: 24.29 Rounds per Minute


Upgraded: QF 6 Pdr. Gun Mk. V

AP: Avg. Pen: 110mm Avg. Dmg: 90

APCR: Avg. Pen: 180mm Avg. Dmg: 90

HE: Avg. Pen: 15mm Avg. Dmg: 100


Accuracy: .34 at 100m

Aiming Time: 2.3s

RoF: 18.75 Rounds per Minute


Gun Depression: -15

Gun Elevation: +20

Hull Traverse: 40 Dg/s

Turret Traverse: 48 Dg/s


A Brief History:

The Crusader Cruiser tank was a tank design early in WWII. It was designed to be a replacement for the failed Covenanter Cruiser design. First seeing service in 1941, the Crusader is credited with major contributions during the North African campaign. However, it was considered too lightly armed and armored to contend with the new Tiger and Panther tanks, and most units were removed from service in 1942.



As a light tank, the Crusader is very fast and lightly armored compared to most Tier V machines. This versatile machine is surprisingly competitive against other Tier V machines, and can even prove deadly against Tier VI and VII tanks when played correctly. When using this tank, it is of utmost importance to remember you have minimal armor protection, so it is best to stay out of open fighting. The top 6 pdr gun has an amazing RoF and decent but below average damage and penetration for its Tier. 


Strategy #1: Scouting

As a light tank, the Crusader can be excellent at this role. However, the Crusader is by no means a small target, so this must be done correctly. There are two primary scouting tactics, each done differently and effective in its own way.


-1 Passive Scouting: The first type of scouting tactic is often a hard skill to master for multiple reasons. It requires an extreme amount of self control and patience on the part of the player to do well. 

The best way to Passive scout is to plan ahead and move immediately to a well-concealed forward position. This is where things get difficult for many players: do nothing. Use your view range to spot enemies, while using you good camo rating to stay hidden. Simply light up targets for your allies and take in the assistance damage. When doing this, remember these important rules:

1. Choose your position wisely.

The perfect spot is important to being productive  as a scout. It is best to pick a spot that is far enough forward that you will get early spots in at enemies, but also not out of firing range of your allies, or within too close range of passing enemies.

2. Do NOT fire your gun.

Firing your gun immediately broadcasts your location to the enemy, and the Crusader is not well armored. Also, even if you are put of range of the enemies you can see it is likely there are enemies you can't.

3. Stay completely still.

Obvious. You only get the bonus of camo net when still, and movement could attract unwanted attention (I.E. knocking over trees, etc.)

This Passive scouting works well on maps with plenty of concealment and good lines of sight, such as Canal, Temple, and Middleburg. But what about when you don't have a map such as that?


-2 Active Scouting: This strategy is the complete opposite of Passive scouting. This involves using your mobility, map terrain, and available hard cover. This works better on maps with large open areas and little concealment, such as Black Goldville, Dead Rail, and Winter Malinovka. This involves using your great acceleration and top speed to quickly move down the map and spot enemies as they deploy. This is a much riskier tactic, as you can easily get obliterated if you make one mistake or run into the wrong tanks at the wrong time. Do it right, and it may just work out, but mess up, and its over before it begins. Here are some rules to keep you from messing up and looking stupid (I've been there before).


This is a very fine distinction to be made. Active scouting is useful and beneficial to you as well as your team. YOLO-ing is completely useless and only loses a tank for your team. Don't simply drive through the middle of the enemy tanks, but take a route that passes along side the likely route enemies will take then retreat once enemies are spotted.

2. Don't Stop

Simple, stopping gets you killed. Mobility is your best advantage, and you will instantly lose that advantage if you do.


Strategy #2: Support

This is also a pretty obvious strategy for a tank like this. You are thinly armored and your gun has low damage but a rapid RoF. This gun has a very good DPM, and putting this to work on a single enemy can quickly rack up damage. Staying hidden behind your more resilient allies and putting a constant hail of fire into enemies can be very helpful to your team. 

To see how much damage this gun is capable of its just matter of simple math:


Per shot dmg: 90

Average Tier 5 75mm: 160

1: 90+90=180


This gun can often put 2-3 shots for every one that a 75mm can. Meaning that it can deal anywhere from 180-270 dmg very quickly.


Strategy #3: Circle of DEATH

This is a commonly known light and medium tank strategy when dealing with slow heavy tanks and turret less tank destroyers. The Crusader excels at this strategy, as it is not only fast, but handles extremely well. Handling is a big part of this strategy,  more so than speed. Many light tank drivers can attest to the fact that many machines lose a massive amount of handling when at top speed, which can make things go bad very fast. However, the 'Sader maintains a large portion of its handling while moving at high speeds, allowing the user to maintain a tight circle around enemies without losing control. To preform this maneuver to the best standard, Light drivers must remember three important rules:

#1: Pick an Isolated Target

This is obvious, but crucial. One must remember to study and keep an eye on positions of enemy tanks before moving in on a target. Never choose a target that is within possible range of support from other allies, or you will be sent back to the garage fast.

#2: Know the Terrain

This may also seem obvious, but again crucial. Watch for changes in elevation or dips in the ground, and never attempt to circle a tank in a tight space.

#3: Stay Calm,  Stay Smart, Stay Alive

This is the most important part to this strategy. When circling a target, it is important to stay concentrated on your driving and shooting. One small mistake in your circle can result in failure, Avoid the enemy's turret traverse at all times. Likewise, always try to aim for engine of tracking shots, an immobile tank is much easier to take down. Finally, know when to bail out. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a situation in which trouble happens. An enemy tank arriving to support, the target getting a lucky shot off,  crashing into a boulder, anything can happen. It is of utmost importance to give up and run if you need to, without hesitation. 


Strengths and Weaknesses:


Very Mobile, top speed of 44 kph and fast Traverse.

Very accurate guns

Blistering RoF 

Very high DPM on 6 pdr.

Good camo rating.

Solid view range

Good health, only 10 less than M4 Sherman, a medium at Tier V.

Easy to underestimate, but very deadly.



Terrible Armor 

Low Alpha damage

Bad stock gun selection

Penetration is iffy in T7 games

Large target for a light.

Vulnerable HE target, especially for 105mm (or higher Tier 152mm) howitzers.

Crew and Equipment Benefits:

The Crusader can rely mostly on its speed and gun, and the crew and equipment match that. The upgraded crew boosts the already great RoF, as well as the quick Traverse. The equipment can be used to further boost this. Gun rammer and vents will maximise the gun and all around stats well. 


Recommended Equipment: I prefer, being scout and/or forward player, prefer to use a camo net, Glazed Optics, and Binocular Telescope. When still, this gives you maximum view range, as well as rendering the tank nearly invisible when in concealment. Another way works better for combative players, using a rammer, vents, and an additional equipment of choice to maximize gun stats. 


Review and Personal Thoughts:

I love the Crusader, and it is probably one of my favorite Tier V tanks, as well as one of my favorite in the entire game. Although it is critically panned for its bad armor, this is of minimal importance if played correctly. The gun is punchy and rapidly adds up damage on enemies. It is often underestimated by enemies, and this allows you to sneak in and hit them where they least expect it All in all, I think the Crusader is a  must-play for players planning on playing the British med line, but also any medium tank lines as well, even though it is a light.



Well, that's my guide. Hope you enjoyed.


Best and Good Luck out there,


AOT_Jaeger2 :harp:

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cashcashme #2 Posted 12 January 2016 - 02:32 AM

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Great guide, but one critique: Light tanks keep there camo value even when moving. SO, if you have a camo net, then stay still by all means, but if not, then moving around a little bit to get a better angle is no worry.

Ahredstealth, on 01 July 2016 said:

I love the new economy.  It's stupid.


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AOT_Jaeger2 #3 Posted 12 January 2016 - 02:35 AM

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View Postcashcashme, on 11 January 2016 - 09:32 PM, said:

Great guide, but one critique: Light tanks keep there camo value even when moving. SO, if you have a camo net, then stay still by all means, but if not, then moving around a little bit to get a better angle is no worry.


True. Actually mistaken there, good catch. My "don't move" was more towards camo net or moving out of cover.

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Libereco #4 Posted 12 January 2016 - 03:14 AM

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__bloodthirsty__ #5 Posted 12 January 2016 - 03:24 AM

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Another tip you should add is when your playing in a crusader, when you spot a kv-2 DONT MOVE SO HE CAN 1 SHOT YOU

T-62A > Obj 140  

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IceCodPlayPlays #6 Posted 03 February 2017 - 08:59 PM


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Wow you're so helpful.

Can i rate your guide 10/10 sire?


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Derpomagix #7 Posted 01 January 2018 - 06:22 AM

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Thanks AOT_Jaeger2!

Very helpful guide. After reading it I went straight to the tech tree and got it....

I love it. The rate of fire is what makes this tank amazing!

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