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Update 2.5 Feedback

2.5 update 2.5 feedback

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bill_allen #61 Posted 20 January 2016 - 12:40 AM


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Well now that I have played the new match making for a while, all I can say is, it was a good idea.

But like everything in in this game it gets ruined. You make it so it's better to grind tanks and instead of being out gunned by two tiers higher than you, now all you get is gold round spammers.

So if you goal was to up the sale of gold, thus the sale of gold rounds, then you have succeeded

Lets not forget all the illegal mods that are popping up in the game. When you tell the illegal mod users that they can be banned for them, you get "WG won't do anything to me. I spend to much money on the Game", or "there ain't no mods so I don't have to worry about it", ect.

So much for a fair and balanced gaming experience. Like the thread in the rules forum states.

PikaPilot #62 Posted 20 January 2016 - 01:47 AM


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The new matchmaker is superb. No battle feels anywhere near as unfair before the change. 

PrairieGunner #63 Posted 27 January 2016 - 04:46 AM


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Just a random idea for the new match maker and resolving differences in opinions over the premiums and non-premiums. With the new match making a lot of premiums with preferential match making got downgraded to some degree while in other cases some got upgraded. If you were to implement the new match maker I have an idea to resolve this. What if instead of dissolving the new MM or capping the tier limit on preferential match making tanks further you allowed the premium tanks to operate outside of the normal match making. Example, right now all tier VIIIs are capped at -1/+1 where as before they were -2/+2 unless you had a KV-5 for example which had -2/+1 preferential match making. What if the new match maker was kept and premiums were allowed to be the exception to the rule. Tier Xs would start seeing T-34s again while tier VIs would see KV-5s again.

I know I'll probably get flamed for this but the idea being that the MM would take this into account and only assign a tier VIII T-34 into a match if it could find a corresponding tier VIII premium such as a T-34, Lowe, etc to balance teams. The reason I suggest this is to lighten the burden on the tier X drivers right now that everyone is complaining that they never see tier VIIIs anymore. With this change they still would but it would be much less than before and the tank drivers they would see would be driving tanks with premium credit earning potential so if they get killed early more often then not it's less of a financial burden to them then an E-100 bullies a regular tier VIII. With the match maker only matching them up if another VIII can be found this would also reduce the burden on the teams if that low tier tank decides to be a noob and charge in head first alone into battle. By capping the tier VIII tanks that tier X sees in matches to premiums only it would also reduce the likely hood of a large number of tier VIIIs being shoved into a tier X game at the same time.


For tier VI this would also bring a little fear back into some of the tanks that can run ramped without a little tier VIII to put the fear of Stalin into them. Nothing freaks a Cromwell out like popping around a corner at speed and seeing two IS-6s around the corner. It would also give more incentive to premium owners to want to buy tanks to get a little of that -2/+2 back if the current MM was to be implemented as -1/+1. It would also put a bigger bounty on prize tanks which circumvent the normal match making by getting -2/+2 or -2/+1 while everyone else sees -1/+1 (With the exception of premiums.).


I know the chances of this being implemented like this might be slim to none but it would be worth looking into because I think it would satisfy a little of everyone and right now a lot of players have some bone to pick with this or the old match maker. Tier VI is a burden to most newer players plain and simple under the old match making but the new match maker has alienated a lot of long time tier X players. You've also aggravated just about every preferential match making premium tank owner in game who bought a tank advertised with 1 type of match making only to switch it later on. If you were to implement the idea I mention you would appease a little of everyone. Tier X gets some tier VIII back and nothing makes those guys happier then rolling some chump who just bought his way into a tier X match, premium tier VIII tank owners get their tier VI fodder back, and tier VI gets a much needed relief from all of the IS-3, KV-4, T-44, ISU-52, T-32, Pershing, T-28, T-28 Prot, Indien, Panther II, Tiger II, VK42.02, Jagdpanther II, Ferdinand, Cent Mk I, and Caernarvon drivers who are credit grinding off of their backs in a tank that has dominated tier VI tanks for quite some time. I should probably put my helmet on for the flames that are going come my way for this but frankly I could care less. If this post was actually read by Wargaming (cough cc_sly or senator_ratbat cough) and responded to with some acknowledgement that it's not possible or it will be taken into account I would be ecstatic and a little enlightened. Something needs to be done and this was the best compromise I could think of since there are things everyone loves and hates about both the old match making and the new one.


Again to surmise

  •  All premiums would go back to -2/+2 or -2/+1 like before or all premiums would go to -2/+2 that were tier VII or higher.
  •  Normal tanks would stay at -1/+1 with premiums being the exception
    • Maybe if somehow the match maker could take this into account and try to balance the number of "exception matches"
  •  Tier X would continue at -1/+1 but gain some appearances of tier VIII again including tanks like the T34 and Lowe again
    • Maybe even KV-5s and Type 59s if the preferential MM was expanded to -2/+2 as a compromise for balance



  •  A compromise for tier X players wanting a little relief from the all tier X matches they are seeing now
    • A little tier VIII bait now and then will entice even the most battle harden driver chasing an ace
  •  A compromise for premium drivers who wanted to see tier VI again in battles or in my case tier X again for a challenge
    •  By removing the +1 on some tanks and giving them all -2/+2 you still give them preferential match making with a twist
    •  Of course they could also retain their previous -2/+1 and -2/+2 and I'd still be happy also
  •  A compromise for Tier VI who are sick and tired of being credit bait for VIII drivers
    • This doesn't absolve them from VIII tanks but it will significantly reduce how many they see
    •  By reducing the number of tier VIII tanks they see it also gives them less tanks to have to adapt to and fear
    •  It gives them more time to study a limited number of "bully tanks" and ease into proper techniques


  •  I personally think there should be a bigger XP jump between tier VI and tier VII to force drivers to spend more time learning
  •  There should also be a bigger jump between tier VIII and IX to force drivers to spend more time acclimating to advanced tactics
  •  These last two ideas are really more suggestions outside of the new match maker test


  •  Everything mentioned previously
  •  My Opinion, this is a step in the right direction to making drivers learn their own tier. I've seen way too many tier IX and X drivers falling over each other fighting over who gets to kill the tier VII or VIII tank under the previous match maker. This reckless behavior is curbed by this new MM because there are less weak ones being picked off from the heard so to speak. It also helps to curb narcissism because it is way harder now to wonder off on your own and carry a team to victory without working as a team. This also means the people who earn Ace tankers in this current match maker at higher tiers really did earn it and didn't just pickoff all the weak ones and play cleanup on what was left of the same tier tanks. I've also noticed more people listening to top tier clan players and ... learning. Yup, learning ... take that in and soak on that for awhile. I'm still learning my self but even I've noticed some real boneheaded players shutting up and listening to GRIM, XPD, DD, III, AZUL, LGND, etc ... because they know these guy's usually know what they are doing. The only time they don't listen is usually right after school lets out and right during Sunday and Saturday afternoons when some of the worst players hop on but those times are great times to chase aces if your whole team dies early :teethhappy:.  Anyways thanks for reading this long post and I hope it gets taken into account as an idea for a compromise that helps a little of everyone.


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mr_awesome_6 #64 Posted 02 February 2016 - 11:43 PM


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For all those people who say they love the new MM, I have to wonder how many of them are driving maxed-out tanks?  (Top gun, turret, engine, tracks)  All of my current tanks were maxed out before the update came out, so I haven't had any opportunity to try grinding a stock tank; but without weaker tanks to take advantage of, I think it would be really hard to do. It was almost impossible to survive in the Leopard A when I was facing only tier 9s and tier 8s.  I've seen a lot of comments like "I don't have to face tier 10s in my tier 8 any more,.."; yeah, but you don't get to face tier 6s anymore either.


Also, I bought (with real money) the Jagdtiger 8,8 (2015); with preferential MM that gun was good enough since it faced a lot of tier 6 and tier 7 tanks.  Now I'm no longer getting preferential MM and often find myself in tier 8/9 matches, where it can't pen for anything.  Had I known that would happen I don't know that I would have bought the tank. 


I preferred the variety of the old MM, but at the very least, please return preferential MM for those premium tanks where that was a selling point. (i.e. the tanks that could only be bought with cash)





Grayghost2000 #65 Posted 03 February 2016 - 12:04 AM

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I love the new match making. Seeing two tiers higher almost every match is a pain.

I understand that a lot of people are upset about their premium tanks. 

I own most of the premium tanks with special match making and would be happy if they either buffed the tanks or -1/0 match making.

I hope Wargaming keeps the new match making and want to thank them for trying the change.

_Faxon_ #66 Posted 04 February 2016 - 09:46 PM


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I like the fact that you are now limited to battling tanks no more than one tier above or one tier below that of your tank.  Much better.

TripXAnarchy99 #67 Posted 09 February 2016 - 02:23 AM


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Hopefully they keep the +/- 1 tiers its better gameplay

colinn578 #68 Posted 09 February 2016 - 02:25 AM


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I have a problem with the game on my windows 10 touchscreen computer. The game only boots in keyboard and mouse mode even though i have my computer set to tablet mode and a touchscreen. Even tried redownloading the game while in tablet mode, no difference. I dont see any ability to change between these modes. I went so far as to download blitz on an android emulator and it works just fine except the graphics are lower. I tried to submit a support ticket about the question and the support ticket request page no longer exists and i dont know who else to contact. There is no customer support. This is frustrating. 

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