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Toon mate to help me grind the British TD line!

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tankedCzech #1 Posted 21 January 2016 - 01:12 AM

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So I have been moving my way up the British like of TD's and recently I have been playing the AT15 (non A) and the Tortoise and love the tanks.  But I am looking for a "babysitter" to help me play them better.  They are slooooooooooooooooooooow and I have been frustrated when I keep getting flanked because IM a noob or my team decides to all rush in within the first 20 seconds of the game and I have no backside protection.  I'm figuring someone who is either good at the T-44 or T-54 but even anything that is in the Teir 8 and 9 class to run along with me would help me to keep from wanting to smash my iPad across the table because we lose like this...


Yes the only tank on their side that survived had been sitting on the base the whole time and while I kept  holding off the other tanks and killing what I could, I was nicely asking...(alright I was swearing up a storm) to please take care of the vehicle that was on the base...



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tedg5 #2 Posted 21 January 2016 - 01:52 AM

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Yep, getting flanking in these is common, especially when your team doesn't help (SOP in normal blitz battles). But, when things work for it, man you can deal some damage with that pen and fast reload!

chessredpanda #3 Posted 21 January 2016 - 02:23 AM

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OK I will play my 54


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mether #4 Posted 15 February 2019 - 12:41 AM


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This person just needs to get a life. Lol

Morphman11 #5 Posted 22 February 2019 - 05:06 PM

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If you have the Tortoise then why would you even bother playing the AT-15. Looks like you just want a platoon and aren’t focused on grinding.
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Flexsphincter1 #6 Posted 23 March 2019 - 01:45 AM

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I'm also going up the British line in another account Flexsphincter4  and follow heavy's or meds depending on map and team make up, if smaller map I go meds sometimes ,, if larger map ill go with heavy's some times,  depending on map/teams ill go solo some were near middle , knowing were  I want to be as I watch my meds/lights flanking and spotting,    or heavy's spotting reds heavy's, watching mini map for the spots ,so I can plan my attack,

              Always  move from solid cover to solid cover , so they cant  COD you, every time you move from solid cover know were you are going to go, and have solid cover spots along the way , even canyon type wall is your friend to rub off a pesky light, If you get shot during the move ,don't stop to turn , keep going to the cover so they cant COD you. You got hit points and from distance a light or many meds don't hurt ya bad.so take a couple hits and get to solid cover, then turn and DPM there butt,  , and wiggle your tank so they cant aim at hatch , you will bounce a lot of shots in a brawl working your corner and scraping the rabid light or med off your side ,, if you stop in open your COD dead.. at tier 7 the gun is offset from center , if played proper at solid cover like corner of building very little of the tank is shown to enemy as you shoot from the corner, so always look for the opportunity to exploit that advantage, especially in town at a choke point.

      One can carry the win in these tanks if playing a corner in town at a choke point or  holding  up a horde of flanking meds. 

           I'm in upper 50% and at the tier 7 and so far  yes , they are slow and if the team is going to do a race around the map "together" except for your slow [edited] at rear,  you can feel/ know when there flank is going to catch up to you and come up your rear ,, so I  hit the help button at some point,   at "good" cover  position and turn around to set up ambush  and wait  for the horde of red flanking lights and or mediums to round that last corner with reckless abandon to dish out some British DPM. ,

         The sides of map at himmelsdorf is a lot of fun to set up a trap for the rabid red tanks. there are many ambush sites on most maps, exploit them and reek havic to there 

 flankers with the fast firing british guns,, shoot the tracks so your buds can get in on the fun ,,,lol  .. happy hunting , gl


flexsphincter4 #7 Posted 18 April 2019 - 01:08 AM


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got the at15 today , the fun continues 


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