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BlitzBowl 2016

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CC_Sly #1 Posted 22 January 2016 - 06:12 PM

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Greetings Tankers! 


It is that time of the year again - Superbowl 50 just around the corner, we wanted to bring a little bit of that world to Blitz! We tried a little something similar with WoTBowl last year, this year we would like to introduce you to BlitzBowl! With a chance at a Type 62 Dragon for the top performers to the Warchest up for grabs for anyone who can correctly predict the outcome, there are prizes for available for everyone! Don't miss your chance!  


BlitzBowl will consists of 2 teams of 7 tanks and each tank will fill a roll for their team:    


Position Team Green Team Team Red Team Stat Tracked
Quarterback T34 USA VIII IS-6 USSR VIII Tanks Destroyed
Defense KV-3 USSR VII T29 USA VII Survivability*
Running Back M4 Sherman USA V Pz.Kpfw. IV GER V Distance Traveled
Wide Receiver Jagdpanther GER VII AT-7 UK VII Total Damage done to Enemy Vehicles
Tight End Chi-To JPN VI M4A3E8 USA VI Total Damage done with the Player's Assistance (Track + Spotting Damage)
Flex Black Prince UK VII Chi-Ri JPN VII Total Medals earned
Kicker SU-100 USSR VI Hellcat USA VI Accuracy (hit rate, not penetration rate)

* - Survivability is (Potential Damage Received + Total Damage Received)*Survival Rate as a decimal  

  • KV-3 has 1000 potential damage received and 500 damage received and has survived 7 out of 10 battles.
    • (1000+500)*.7 = 1050 Survival Rating (For this event)


How to Participate

  1. Pick a Team! Team Green Team or Team Red Team
  2. Pick a Tank! Select a Tank (or Tanks) that you wish to participate in
  3. Play that Tank! Take a look at the "Stat Tracked for the Tank you selected. The goal is to accumulate the most of that stat over the course of the event! You must play at least 50 battles during the event in each Tank you want to qualify in!   
    • If you picked M4 Sherman - Shoot and move, spot enemies, and keep moving around the map in order to confuse your opponents and give your team an edge while accumulating distance traveled! 
  4. That's it! 


Calculating the Scores

Tank will compete against tanks in the same role for points. The points will be determined by the performance of each of the tanks compared to their counterparts based on the stat listed above. Winning vehicles are decided by the percentage out of the total value earned by both vehicles. The winning vehicle receives points according to percentage over 50% rounded down, while the losing vehicle will get half of the difference between their final value and 50%, rounded down. Exact ties will result in 0 points for both teams, while ties scoring 50% that aren't exactly tied (i.e. 50.XX%) will result in the winning team receiving 1 point and the losing team receiving 0 points. In the end we will add up each team's score to determine the winning team!


Example: If the winning team earns 55% of the total score and the losing team earns 45% of the total, the winning team will receive 5 points (55% - 50% = 5%) and the losing team receives 2 points (50% - 45% = 5% /2 = 2.5%).

R4zrbl4de seems to have a nice explanation of how the scoring is calculated as well! if you are still confused take a look at his explanation!

r4zrbl4de's Explanation



BlitzBowl Prediction January 25, 2016 - January 27, 2016 23:59 PST

Players fill out the prediction form to predict the final score and winning team of the event!

  •   Rules
    • Only one entry per player, multiple entries will result in disqualification.
  • Rewards 
    • Anyone who guesses correctly will receive a Warchest!
      • 10,000 Gold and 10,000,000 Credits


Prediction contest is closed!


BlitzBowl January 27, 2016 09:00 PST - February 6, 2016 09:00 PST

Players pick a Team to represent and then play on a tank or tanks to compete for points. If a player is among the top performers on a tank on the winning team then they will receive a prize!   

  • Rules
    • Players must complete at least 50 battles on each individual tank to qualify for prizing for that tank
    • Players can only win once
  • Rewards
    • The top 3 performers of each tank on the winning team, based on the stat tracked, will receive a Type 62 Dragon
    • The next top 50 performers of each tank of the winning team, based on the stat tracked, will receive 3 days of Premium Time 
    • Totaling 53 winners per tank on the winning team 


Best of luck and see you on the battlefield commanders! Mobilize! 


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CC_Sly #2 Posted 22 January 2016 - 10:24 PM

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So you say 50 battles, is that on a single tank, for the team, on any tank?

A single tank that is on a team. For example, if you played 49 battles on the IS-6, 50 battles on the T34, 60 Battles on the Chi-Ri, and 200 battles on the T-34-85: you would qualify for prizing on the T34 and the Chi-Ri. You could only win prizes on those tanks.


I played on a Tank and it got the most points - did I win?

That by itself does not mean you win - the Team must win in order for a tank to qualify. Playing on a winning tank just helps give that team more points. Only the winning Team will get the rewards.


Does the T34 Independence tank count for the T34?

It will not count - only the regular T34 that is currently in the tech tree will count. 


Will I have to do something on the forums or somewhere else in order to enter to win?

For the main competition, no! If you wish to participate in the prediction portion of the event then all you need to do is fill out this form!


I have questions but this thread is locked! What do I do and who do I ask!?

Yes this thread is locked! If you have any questions please PM CC_Sly (Me) or you can head on over to the official BlitzBowl Questions and Answers Thread! That is where discussion and questions can take place!  





  Please read the WoT Blitz Game and Forum rules.

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