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Update 2.6 Feedback

2.6 Feedback

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tankedCzech #81 Posted 02 March 2016 - 05:54 AM

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Well I can say that this update has been the worst to date.


Let me explain...


1.  I have many a times had shells go into treads or sides of tanks and it just dissapears.  Not bounces, not absorbed and takes the tread off, but dissapears into nothing (and it's been multiple times).


2.  On numerous occasions my joystick will just stop working and will literally go back to the center position like i have lifted my finger off of it when I have not even moved my finger away from it.  It has happened too many times when attempting to get away from another tank and even when I am not in situations where I am hurrying to get away from something it just resets itself and I haven't let go of it.  


3.  I have had also numerous occasions where my fire button will not respond at all.  I keep pressing it and feel like a game show contestant that keeps pounding the red button in front of them and it's like someone has turned off the power to it so I just sit there pounding for nothing.


4.  Ping...Yea lets talk about that!  The game is choppy, stalls, crashes, and my ping suddenly will create these situations (like my last game) where I will be moving and in the blink of an eye I am destroyed by another tank that magically not only appears out of no where right in front of me, but can some how be able to get an amazing amount of shots off when it's reload might be around 10 seconds between shots.  This has happened numerous times since this update has came out and has never been this bad.  


I have won games because of the same exact thing happening where someone on the other team is screaming the same thing happened to them.  "My fire button stopped working". "How did a heavy 50 yards in front of me just appear out of nowhere when there wasn't any cover to make them be camoed"


This update has screwed things up more often than I have seen when you say you are making it better.  I have had to reboot, uninstall, re-install the app I would say a good 15 times or more because one thing or another comes up.  This update more than any other has created these out of left field problems I have not seen before.  I'm going to lose I admit that but let me lose because I made the mistake not the game.



M00niac #82 Posted 07 March 2016 - 08:16 PM

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I will really miss +/-1 matchmaking. It deadens the noob effect. 


Idk why it's going away, but please soften the blow by creating a WR goal to move up in tiers. It will really help the experience, and I think it will help sell premium tanks as well. 

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