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First Thoughts

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seekorigin #1 Posted 15 September 2014 - 05:33 AM


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Hi WG, I just installed Blitz on an IPad and thought I'd provide some feedback. Sorry for the long post, but want to be thorough. 

First, I'm an experienced WoT player with over 7k battles with decent stats, so I have a good understanding of how the game works.  The good news is that those skills and understanding transcribe to Blitz fairly well, so I was able to come up to speed pretty quickly and be effective enough to aid my team.

The tutorial and walk through process was nice, but it became obnoxious pretty quickly when it kept flashing "do this" when I didn't want to spend all of my free exp to buy a new tank or spend my few credits to buy a repair kit.  I know you're trying to teach novices, but it was intrusive to an experienced player.

The main issue I had was that I struggled with maintaining situational awareness.  The minimap was so small that it was nearly useless (on WoT, I've maximized the size of my minimap).  Now some of my issues came from my unfamiliarity with the map layout, sniping lanes, etc..  I did pick up on the map layouts quick enough that I was able to maneuver to spot in one battle that allowed me to pick off a pesky capper (earning defender), but I was also picked off quickly by a sniper.  I was also able to get Invader and Kolobanov's in one battle by hiding in a little corner on cap where the enemy couldn't find me, which brings up another issue which is that it is too easy to cap the other team (at least at low tier).  

But back to situational awareness.  I still haven't quite figured out what was causing me issues (e.g. getting flanked real easily and not seeing shooting opportunities).  It could be that this is my first day with Blitz, but it seems more than that.  

It could also be the difficulty that I had in controlling my tank with the touch screen controls.  It was hard for me to adapt to the touch controls.  While I'm used to steering (aswd) with my left hand and pointing and shooting (mouse) with my right hand, I struggled driving my tank.  My left hand has been trained to make rapid key strokes, which made it hard to implement the subtle touchpad motions needed to drive.  Ended up having to switch my controls, since it was easier to adapt my fine mouse control motions of my right hand to those of the touchpad.

It was also very challenging to point my turret / view where I wanted.  I could have been experiencing some lag, but I'm not sure.  Another thought is that the turret controls kept switching hands.  What I mean is that when I messed up steering (e.g. finger strayed too far from control zone), I think that the turret/view might have tried to respond to the inadvertent control input.  While this issue should diminish as I get used to the controls, but in the mean time it made it very hard to play and enjoy the game.

Well, all in all, it was an OK experience.  I'm sure I'll give Blitz another try, since the IPad is more portable than my PC, but I expect that my serious gameplay will still be on WoT PC.

One last note.  The TK's were pretty obnoxious.  Happened far more often on Blitz than on WoT.  It could be that parents are more willing to hand their tablets to their kids than they are their PC's, but it was still a pain in the neck.  Seemed like I took team damage about 25-30% of my games.  Resisted the urge to shoot back even after they turned blue and tried to maneuver away when I could, but the TK's made it real hard to play effectively.





Augustus_Sohn #2 Posted 15 September 2014 - 05:36 AM

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Stay on, my good man. We need more mature and experienced players to make the game better. People like you make the games more rewarding.

RenamedUser_1009852656 #3 Posted 15 September 2014 - 05:47 AM


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just give it some time, you'll eventually get used to the touch controls:)

naktl #4 Posted 15 September 2014 - 05:54 AM

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I am thinking about situational awareness a lot and your post is interesting.  No WoT PC experience, but many other such games with mini maps.  I also find the Blitz mini map hard to use.  I find that the pace of the game can challenge me with situational awareness.  The maps are small and so very fast.  Blitz.  Working as intended.  If you figure out more about the difference in situational awareness please post it.


Panbun #5 Posted 15 September 2014 - 11:48 AM

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Good to see a veteran from the PC version having a go at Blitz. I have about 7200 battles on the PC version and I found that my experience on PC has helped me on Blitz as well. I agree with you for the minimap though. I usually have the minimap on the PC version quite big so I can see where tanks are more clearly.


As for the controls, I found that increasing the sizes of the controls helped a lot; especially for the steering pad and the firing button. I also found it helpful to move the controls around to suit my personal layout preference. As for situational awareness, I decided to keep the 'camera' bar that was set as an optional feature in the recent update. It meant that I could keep my turret and gun aiming in the direction that I was driving while allowing me to look around the battlefield to see where my allies were.

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