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derK1nderPanzer #1 Posted 19 March 2016 - 04:35 AM


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Just took the survey....really WOT? 


Idiotic questions.


Example question:

Do you think it makes the game more challenging?

A. Only if you're into clubbing seals and drive tier 10s. 

B. Why yes, of course. I LUV shooting at tanks I can't even pen with prammo yet get skinned alive if someone farts in my general direction.

C. I like paying to be the lowest tier more than half the time cuz it helps keep my ego in check.

D. Huh? what does challenging mean? Oh, I dropped another egg.


Seriously, half the questions did nothing but insult me. And the canned responses in no way reflected my opinions. So maybe I should state that opinion here and now: You guys screwed the game. Intentional or not that is what you did. 

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Sure_man_tank #2 Posted 19 March 2016 - 06:16 AM

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It's hard to please everyone. I haven't had too much trouble, it's been just like the way it used to be. More Dynamic.




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AXELSCAR #3 Posted 19 March 2016 - 03:42 PM


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Where is the survey at?

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