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What does Blitz mean to you?

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jmachawaii #141 Posted 16 June 2016 - 03:54 PM


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I've never been a big gamer but blitz has allowed me to keep in touch with old friends from around the globe which is pretty cool and keeps us connected.

Freddle #142 Posted 16 June 2016 - 05:17 PM

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I first discovered Blitz because as a kid growing up in London, we learned lots of WWII history in school. I used to have a large model collection, including a bunch of tanks, so when I saw Blitz I thought to myself "Cool! It's just like my models as a kid except I can actually drive them around and shoot other tanks." I soon discovered that I could not only shoot the other tanks (<--Pro tip for you newer players), but they would explode and then sometimes yell at you! Dream come true for me.


A couple years later and Blitz and my clan has helped me meet and become friends with people all over the world and all walks of life, folk I never would have gotten to know without the game. Thanks to my clan-mates and our training programs, I've even gained some skills that helped me in the real world when I took a Wilderness First Responder course. Never would have expected that from a pixel tank game.


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LiamPD1 #143 Posted 16 June 2016 - 08:32 PM


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What it means to me is that you can have fun play with friend. And I play with my dad and it is just so much fun it's the best game I love it. And  you get to know people from different places and too see how it was like in world war 2 if you don't have this game get it it is awesome.


_Malicious_ #144 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:06 AM


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I became interested in tank games after seeing videos of World of Tanks on YouTube (Mighty Jingles best old coot)
I couldn't really afford a good computer to play it, so i found it on the App store to my surprise.

Best tank app out there. Great variety of tanks, great mechanics, amazing gameplay, and MONTHLY UPDATES! WOO!


My first tech tree choice was the german Panther line from the Pz. II (Kept that little brawler since the beginning) i only got as far to the VK 30.1 H however, and moved on to the americans then stuck with russia. So far have nearly all russian tech modules unlocked and love the german light tanks.


So far my best memory in blitz would have to be my first raseiniai heroe's medal in my hetzer, it's abit hazy but it was on old middleburg, team split up i went hills. Only me and some other green left by the time the enemy is at around 4 tanks. Probably wasn't very tense of a game when i think about it.


I enjoy World of Tanks Blitz greatly and can't wait to see it's future features.

MayoNasalSpray #145 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:17 AM

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Blitz means a lot to me it's my favorite game which replaced Smash Bros. Melee (that takes a lot). The fun part is some of the realistic factors such as modules so many games fail to incorporate such a basic thing. Also the RNG that is mind blowing how much is in the game I love it (and hate it sometimes). Probably the most memorable thing about blitz I have was once in a battle and once in from earning free gold. Back in the day in February of last year I was a poor new scrub to blitz my signature tank at the time was SU 85B constantly getting rekt by pre-debuffed T40 and Hetzer or by Matilda but one time back on Castillo in my SU 85B I managed to drown a Matilda it felt soooo good. The other most memorable experience was when I got gold from the survey and from the World of Tanks 24 hour livestreams on Twitch I won gold (that made me really excited too) but I accumulated enough gold to get my first premium tank: T2 Light I loved it, still do, I have it still.

Amish_confirmed #146 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:30 AM


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What does blitz mean to me?  Laughing as I do over 1000k damage in the back of an American medium in the obj704...running circles around a Tiger2 in the sp1c, ...but those are the good times. It can also mean unimaginable rage as you try to push the hill on mines while 3 mediums and a couple heavies snipe from spawn.... or the top tier heavy on your team proceeds to go to town alone on desert sands, gets killed by an overwhelming force, then starts spamming the chat or screaming at the rest of the team how they are such noobs for not helping him...the list could go on, but I choose to dwell on the good memories. 


I found blitz when I was looking for something a little more.....shall we say, at a mature level than Boom Beach...lol. I was hooked right away, and today at 11,000+ battles, I have one tier ten, a few nines, and a fair amount of sevens and eights. Blitz is IMO the greatest game ever for mobile-that's why it's the only game I play.


Well I believe I've gotten my 150 words in, and thanks for the free gold as always WG. 

michaeltsoon #147 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:37 AM

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I've been a military buff since being a kid...(this seems random, I know.) Usually every week, after work I'd check the app store for new/good games. Nothing from EA, Gameloft, or GLU because they all require you to pay-to-enjoy at some point. So one day I saw this game called WoT Blitz, and I was like "Hey, I thought that WoT for PC?" Still I gave it a try, getting up to the BT-7 (tier 3) when I decided that work was more important, and moved on in life. (BTW my home connection was really slow) A year later, I decided to try again, and here I am..... Playing for fun with about 3.2k battles and a 58% winrate,  Created my own clan too. So many helpful and kind players out there-mostly unicums, trying to help noobs improve(including me at first). Most memorable game? The Mines on BT-2, me against 6 enemy tanks. Hiding in the rocks near spawn, I picked them off 1 by 1 w/ my 45mm. XD Either way, thank you WarGaming for creating this excellent game. Lastly, to my fellow tankers: Keep on Blitzing!!


*Find me in the game as michaeltsoon. Also, Panzer Division 3 is currently recruiting!!

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RISCmachine #148 Posted 17 June 2016 - 02:32 AM

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I first saw this game at a friend’s birthday party. He was playing the t-34. It looked kind of interesting because I liked tanks so when I returned home, I downloaded it.
I started going down the German lines and sucked at it because I thought that playing games were to have fun. I had like 46% win rate but I didn’t care. After a while, this guy raged at me for sucking and told me to go watch Bushka on Blitz. I did and soon found the forums.
I don’t do anything on the forums except lurk around. I read the guides and have improved my win rate. Gaming isn’t my thing and I sucked and still suck at COD and this game but, I realized that in COD, getting killed constantly by people with over-powered guns is no fun. However, this game is just so much fun in itself. I play in my spare time and actually put thought into the gameplay. Anyways, I’m just here for the gold.

VitorLei #149 Posted 17 June 2016 - 10:53 AM


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I didn't use to play online games on my ipad. Then i found World of tanks in Apple store, and decided download and try it. It was just amazing. Nowadays, the only function of my ipad is to play WOTb. I spend hours and hours of my day playing.

The game is being better and better every update, and is just impossible to stop play.
My most memorable battle, was on my monster T95. All my team died, was me against 6 guys. And i killed all of them. 7 kills and 6,5k of damage. Just unnibeliavebe. I was shaking, and so nervous, feeling like my heart was jump from my chest. That feeling, makes me come back every day to play. not just me, but all the players.
Even living in New Zealand, with 260 of ping, i keep playing, and also making new friends every day.

Tanks WOT, for all of it.

acrisis #150 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:08 PM


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My IGN is Acrisis, I am not a gamer and I discovered WOT Blitz by accident over the holidays in 2014, via an online article named “ten iOS games you must try” on a prominent technology website. I hardly ever try any of them due to the game type or time commitment, but with a free download and short individual battles, WOT Blitz appealed to me.


A dozen battles later, I was hooked. While recovering from personal injury, I really just played for pass-time and hung out way too long in light tanks in the lower tiers, trying to figure things out. No rush to Tier X here! Then I read up on the game mechanics and found the official forum, where I received help from some good players, made great friends via voice platooning, etc. The game has great depth and I continue to learn something new every day.

I do battle less these days, but continue to give back, try to help others and via the Community Feedback Council I now strive to make WOT Blitz better for all players.   


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wwing #151 Posted 17 June 2016 - 01:37 PM

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I discovered Blitz from an ad while using another iOS App.  And I am hooked.


Blitz not only provided an entertainment time for me, it allows me to express my own creativities, decision making, intelligent analysis of the situation, and do whatever I want to do in the game – battle (Of course, from time to time your teammates might not like this – ha).


Fun memories:   In one battle, my team was winning, but one red team player sneaked to the flag area.  After sending out a protect the base message.  I took a look at the roster.  My tank – SPIC – was the quickest tank.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line – so I learned it from high school.  I decided to charge straight to the flag.  I passed through hills/sand dunes and the last hill has a 90 degrees cliff.  And before I knew it, the SPIC was total destroyed.  It had full hp.


You made decision that you will live with.  That is Blitz.

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EthereaI #152 Posted 17 June 2016 - 02:34 PM

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My name is EthereaI, a Canadian and former Elite athlete competing in both XC and DH mountain biking. Was in a car accident in 2005 where I was hit head on/went under a car during a training ride. My elite level action was cut short but still I remain active within the sport but will never be able to compete at the elite level again. At 36 I have 2 kids and a wife I can barely keep up with. Both my kids are under 6 and drive me up the wall but are so cute they get away with it. My game play started off when I saw an ad for the game while FURY the movie was out. I was hooked and being competitive was looking for the next level. I study every video any player puts out and make a point to remember their styles. Changed my name from ParrottCanada to EthereI to help stop the Canadian hate spams I would get.

Currently I enjoy helping players looking to up their skills and stop blaming team/gold spammers. This game has been one heck of a ride. Not trying to be negative but the new economy of the game has me playing less and less. Just glad I had most lines completed before the game changed. Would also like to thank TITAN for giving me a home and a place to grow with players of all styles that pushed my noob butt to the next level. TITAN from the inside is a great group of players/friends that love to play this game as well as others and will always back their own. TITAN and helping others are the only reasons I still play this game atm.

om those that knew me.





_feelsokman #153 Posted 17 June 2016 - 02:36 PM


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Well I used to play game of war and stuff like that and got really tired of the pay to win/play games(my wife got tired of me spending so much money it on a game that's $99 per in game purchase which is crazy expensive) and I saw this game and looked at some videos about it and thought good, a game where I don't have to spend money to enjoy, I eventually started spending money on this game, and thoroughly enjoy my time in this game, I have meet lots of great people in this game and I exclusively play this game, and I was just looking for a fun timekiller, and look at this a year later and I am still addicted to this wonderful game, but man I dislike all the horrible teams I get on a regular basis. I don't see me leaving this game anytime soon,and I have recently started playing world of warships and tanks pc but I mainly stay with blitz, frustration with noobs and all.

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ALHAU84 #154 Posted 17 June 2016 - 03:58 PM

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Well, where do I start? I downloaded the game, close to it's inception, which was out of boredom & necessity. I played this other game, a game that I can't remember, but fueled me to keep looking. Not enough dynamic to it. So, having blitz, I can't tell you the hours I played, while waiting for cl[edited]to start, in between or even in class. I didn't quite grasp the concept of the strategy that was needed. I absolutely was blind to anything in the store (i.e. bundles, tanks, premium time), until I got bored. Found one, it was fun, but didn't do too much (tier 3 tank), until I introduced my ex's boy to it; since I truly didn't know how else to reach him, unless it were through legos or minecraft. He & I would platoon together, & I'd buy him a few things in the store, but only to really speed up his research & other perks. Long story short, I rarely spent anything, but started to when she & I broke up. My reasoning: If she could take as much money as she did, me working tirelessly, still miserable, why not spend it on something that gives me some happiness? Well, I bought every tank in the tech trees, & really never missed a beat, when it came to a new bundle. I've enjoyed it, & encouraged others to. As long as it doesn't get too ridiculous, I'll keep purchasing things. Ok, well, that's the end of that.

crunchly #155 Posted 17 June 2016 - 03:59 PM


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Hullo, my in-game name is Crunchly, who you can find in Blitz carrying games and doing 14,000 damage per battle!

I know, my advertising techniques are amazing.

About myself, I am a 15-year old boy born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Two years ago I was a sickeningly wholesome nerd, turning in assignments the day they were due and rolling 4.0 GPAs easy. Then a friend showed me World of Tanks Blitz.

Those study habits changed.

I was hooked looking at the game. It was a game where you got to be a tank! And shoot other tanks! It was interesting and captivating.

I don't really like slobbering on my own pathetic achievements while other people in this forum achieve my initial advertisement at the top of this post in the game. I will say I have strived to be at least a newbie, rather than a noob, whenever I play. Any of you Jingles viewers out there will know. WoTB is a spell-binding game for anybody who needs to get away from something.

In reality, I am only getting away from a book. It's called Founding Brothers.

Anybody read that? No? Good.

1010101010101010101010 #156 Posted 17 June 2016 - 04:32 PM


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I was playing another tank game title but getting very bored.  One day a buddy of mine discovered Blitz and told me to try.  Here I am.


Blitz is fun fun fun:  One battle, I was driving a Tortoise.  After getting a blow from a T54 in back, hp is down to a single digit.    The T54 was still behind me and reloading his gun.  I knew it is over for me.  So I backed the Tortoise to try to hit the T54 to get as much damages before it is over for me.  But somehow the T54 decided to charge straight to my behind at full speed.  The T54 was destroyed – it had about 1/3 hp.  I was shocked and said to myself.  I am an iron block and this guy tried to hit me.  I texted out a message “Ha”.  His response was that for a moment he forgot he drove a T54.  My final response was “si”.


I have been there and done that myself.  We all made Blitz second decisions.


Tankers: Be all you can be in Blitz!

killer7184 #157 Posted 17 June 2016 - 04:43 PM

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I've always loved video games but nothing really suited me. Thats when i started searching through the internet for long-term games, games that get you hooked so you can join or build a community of your own. I found World of Tanks and started out on PC. It was fun, but ever since i started to lag because of me crap PC i wanted a mobile version. I sat there patiently waiting and eventually, 2 years later, Blitz came out while i was shopping with my family in a mall. I couldnt believe my eyes and so i started looking at the reviews and screenshots. I got the game and didnt regret it one bit. I was before and still am a 4.0 GPA student and i don't let games keep me from school, but that said when I'm not focused on anything else i will play for hours, at leasst until RNG would troll me per usual. World of Tanks is probably the longest game series that i have played and while it may not be much in time, it was spread over a 5 year period (PC and Blitz included). I've had many fun moments of RNG and I just want the French tanks now!

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JacobGS #158 Posted 17 June 2016 - 05:07 PM


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I began to play worldoftanks Blitz about a year ago.Before i started i used to play the regular worldoftanks but then my computer died and i couldn't but get a new one.However i had a tablet and i saw a advertisement for WOTB.I looked into it and began to play it.I found it to be so much better than WOT,because there is smaller teams and it is easier to dominant.I also like it because i can get up the lines a lot faster,because the battles are a lot shorter.WOTB means a lot to me and i don't think i will ever go back to WOT for a long time because i now have a clan,i have three tier tens,i wasn't very good and WOT,and i just like WOTB a lot better.Another reason is that i can take it anywhere that i have to go.

And if you are interested in joining my clan in is called BandOfBrothers or BOB for short.


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angelgirl15 #159 Posted 17 June 2016 - 08:38 PM


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i started about a year or so playing blitz, didn't hear about it til my boyfriend at the time was telling me. He played quite often and we decided to start my account so we could play together. The more i played the game , the more i got used to how to do things and started to enjoy the challenges that each battle held for me.  So got a couple of premium tanks that i really love to play. I have had some really good games but still got a lot to practice on. when you overcome a challenge that you have been working on , i really feel like i accomplished something toward my goal in the game, that being said, there is always new goals coming up afterwards. there is always ways to improve your skills and your tanks. its a game that is liked by a lot a people, and when you actually have teammates you can talk to and associate with besides a computer that your playing against makes things really interesting and fun.  

blitz_stern #160 Posted 17 June 2016 - 09:34 PM

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... writing 



edit: sorry for this post. I was trying to edit my story about wot blitz but I ended up making a second post. Again I apologize for this.

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