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What does Blitz mean to you?

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_Pineapple2018 #81 Posted 11 June 2016 - 02:38 AM

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Well blitz to me is pretty much like a drug, I want to stop even when my family and friends say so, but I just can't. It's the best game you can get on the App Store actually. A game where you can actually progress through and play TANKS. I don't know about you, but tanks are nice things to learn about since I'm always interested in things at happened in ww2. I focused mainly on the pacific fight, but never on the east, this app gave me insight into what battles happened and the tanks that existed. 


Also, the game. It doesn't have loads of glitches and if one is found, they are quickly resolved. You guys provide us MONTHLY updates which is amazing. New tanks are always added and op tanks are always nerfed (only if it isn't Soviet) you guys listen to what we say and just do a good job. A game like this is just what I've always been looking for, and it is amazing.

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Colonel_Sanders1 #82 Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:12 AM


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I play Blitz because I liked World of Tanks PC and I wanted to try the mobile version.  This game has even moved me away from PC because it is just so good for a mobile game.  I find that good players can really make a difference in this game.  I also found lots of nice people in this game and most people want to help you succeed.  WoTB developers often try to make the game better, and sometimes they might make silly decisions but this game has never been completely ruined. 

Sometimes I feel the game is pay to win, but that just makes me feel better when I have spent very little and still beat people in their IS-3D with provisions and equipment.  This all around good game doesn't force you to spend money and that makes it a huge step above other games where you pay or fall far behind.  This is over 150 now, I think lol

Oh no

RoadKutter #83 Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:39 AM

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Since I was a kid I had a fascination with history, ww2 and tanks. Watched all the movies read all the books. I remember seeing the WoT commecials on TV, and thinking man I wish I had a PC instead of a Mac. Some time had passed, and I found a Mac wrapper and decided to try it out. 

Not having any recent PC gaming experience my first few games on WoT were brutal and before I could get going the game stopped working on my Mac. That's when I discovered that I can play this game on Xbox and I remembered that I got one a as gift a while back and never even opened the box.

After a bit of searching through the house I found my unopened Xbox and downloaded the game. Started playing and found out a friend of mine plays the PC version, we tried many times to find each other in game.... and found out that you can't cross platforms. :(


Two years ago this July my before mentioned fried calls me up and let's me know about Blitz. Funny enough I was working out of town at that time just like I'm at the moment. I actually had to drive to the nearest airport to be able to download the game (free wifi is free wifi). 

After finishing the tutorial, and playing a few battles I was hooked, playing on a tiny iPhone 4 was fun but the full out tanking didn't begin till after I started to play on iPad mini.

After working a thousand miles from home for ten months, Blitz had become a hobby. I had premium time and bought my first premium tank.... Yup you guessed it, I got the Lowe. Stats be dammed I used that beast to grind credits and eventually got all of the German tier X tanks.  

Since then I kinda try to fix my stats, but I tend to play for fun (yes you can have fun even if you lose) joined a clan. Found a great podcast, time to plug my friends... TankBoom and the rest is history


Blitz to me is a hobby that will get your blood boiling, or be your connection to likeminded tankers when all alone and away from home. My wife tells me I'm nuts to wake up early in the morning to catch a few platoons before work with my m8.



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1966MustangFastBack #84 Posted 11 June 2016 - 04:44 AM

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Ok I am up for this. Blitz is a huge stress reliever to me. At night I can lay in my bed and grab my iPad, login and boom, I can run around beating other people up. I like team work and this has made me think before doing things, in real life. I am in Boy Scouts and my troop is a pretty intense, not sleeping with their dads in tents, but more of carrying around 12 inch blades everywhere. Ok back to the point blitz almost sharpens awareness for me and helps me stay alert, on the battle field always looking for a situation that you can take advantage of has helped me keep on moving foreward. Another subject to bring up is that with me playing I got my dad to start playing too, even if he is a pain at times playing together in T34's will always be fun, even if we don't win. I wish that people would realize that blitz isn't all about losing ( as long as you aren't getting wrecked) but it's for the fun. See you on the battle field!


TANKpooka #85 Posted 11 June 2016 - 05:16 AM

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When I started for the very first time, I made an account on the EU server (ikr, noob much) and played a ton, racked up a lot of battles and experience. It was a good game that I liked, and I was hooked for a while. Maybe a year or so later, I wasn't able to play consistently and I became completely inactive. Fast forward to sometime this February, when I saw an ad for Blitz and decided 'hey, why not pick this up again?' I started a new account on the correct server (NA) and began to work my way up, with a huge experience advantage over regular newbies. A few months later, and here I am still playing. The game has gotten so much better than it was before and I love it—I've even bought a few premiums and am thinking about the FCM 50 t. Blitz is by far the best game I've ever played, perhaps just because it's so complex: being a "super-unicum" requires tremendous knowledge of tanks and their strengths and weaknesses, maps, tactics, and on and on. 


So there's my story :honoring:

pastore123 #86 Posted 11 June 2016 - 06:24 AM

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Before blitz I had always been somewhat of a casual gamer. This had been since the Super Nintendo first came out and when I convinced "Santa Claus" to get me one for Christmas. But up until almost two years ago I had never played an mmo. My first experience was a tsnk game called iron force or something like that(I didn't enjoy it obviously). There were people in chat that were dropping the name world of tanks blitz. This peaked my interest so I downloaded it.


i began the process of registering and then going through training. Seemed easy enough. I hit battle for the first time and actually thought I was playing against bots. I had no idea I was playing with and against 13 other players. It was middleburg and I was in a t1 Cunningham. I blitzed straight to the other side only to die within seconds. I thought the game sucked because I died so quickly. So I put it down for a week. When I came back I started playing it more and enjoyed the 3D land scape. From that point I was hooked. At this point I wasn't a casual gamer anymore. 


I saw the research tree for all vehicles (only three nations: USA, Germany and Russia). That's when j noticed that there was a behemoth of a tank called the E100. Armor was like 100%, it had a huge 15cm gun and it was a heavy tank. In my head heavy tank = un stoppable. So I rushed the E100 line. I had a rough start needless to say and have come a long way since then.


my most enjoyable moments have been creating LXE and being involved with the 501st clan. I credit alexbuildit for helping me start my clan and was grateful for his friendship. Not to mention the close ally. The countdowns with the 501st were always fun and I enjoyed having dilutd rage at the green and red players! My transition into the 501st was an easy one since they were already like family. These guys and many other players have made blitz more memorable than even super Mario brothers.


shoutouts to: doryabm, sneakiest_testy, fiery, the first demo account ever (player_000000000000), epicsamson,captainsanchez, lord_of_balrog, 070707, dilutd, kdog76, nick510, hoodootime (for those early platoon sessions), alexbuildit, escalate, prompt_n_critical, hurtmd, shawk_91 and all of dem boys and girl at 501XX, Ukraine_commander, basedCHRSYT, dixie_flyer, ikener, 219thlegion, spookeye, LKASR(for accepting me into Yggdrasil back in the day, first clan ever), wheeljackattack and most importantly my wife for not killing me for the amount of time I have played this game. 




MistahWig_HeDead #87 Posted 11 June 2016 - 11:51 AM


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How to express what Blitz means to me? Where to begin? Words, sure. But that's only part of the story. And yet... 


It was one of the summers after 1989. A day like any other day. Or so I thought. Who could've predicted that the events of that fateless date would precede my sitting here, writing this, to you, as well as you? Certainly not I. But as we take this moment to look back it's clear to me that these people were, even then. Some would say even as recently as now. I try to stay objective. It isn't easy. By the time I realized that my teacher had been lying, it was too late. I was hooked! She still isn't returning my calls. But I have her to thank for my love of WWII armamemts; cholera bayonets, bat bombs, nuclear land mines, lag spikes, anime. If there's a more perfect game I haven't found it. Yet. Seven minutes become hours, hours days, days snowball like regret until time is the wifi charger cable we all cling to, desperate, alone, noobs. Sniping to feel... somewhere. Then HIS voice vanquishes all fear... 


"Time to roll out!"  



reluctanttheist #88 Posted 11 June 2016 - 01:17 PM

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So many great stories here!  But you gotta stay within the 150-200 word limit. Take your verbiage into a word processor to edit and count the words to make sure you hit the target to get the gold. 

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Aivris #89 Posted 11 June 2016 - 01:35 PM

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Is this a trend across all of the 'World of' titles? Either way, I'm not complaining. :coin:


Here is my entry at 198 words:


Glen_Mckenna #90 Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:06 PM

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View PostA7X0, on 10 June 2016 - 11:41 PM, said:

So back in 2014 before Blitz, I was a Minecraft fan. All I played was pretty much Minecraft PE and I was excited for an update that was about to come out but there was a week left and I couldn't wait any longer. I was bored and went on the app store to see a tank game emerge on the newest releases. I've always been interested by tanks so I figured I would give it a try. I found it very fun although much different from what I expected. I always imagined shells to explode much more violently than they do in WoT, but the game was addicting and I started playing this game much more than Minecraft.


I continued to play and became a competitive player just months after the release. The game was fun to play regardless, but I started to have goals. Then summer of 2015 came and I pretty much did nothing but play the game. So in summary, a casual find on the app store led to me becoming hooked and even now I still play because of how much I've established in this, at times, unpredictable, yet fun game.


Very disappointed in this essay...I was expecting the secret to your greatness....the keys to the kingdom!

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MSixteen #91 Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:52 PM

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A few years before Blitz came out, I was playing WoT PC. However, my PC is crap, so I was running the game with 8 FPS and 150+ ping that was consistent, and never got any better. Then one day I was reading the news for the game, and the new patch (I think it was 8.8) increased the graphics and everything from the game, thus increasing the minimum requirements. Seeing as my computer already barely made the minimum requirements, I couldn't play the game anymore, but I still checked the news portal in hopes there would be something that could let me play again.


Fast forward a year, and I see that WG launched a mobile version of the game for iOS, and I immediately went to the App Store and started the download. I think I got Blitz the first few days it was out. My last of 2 games in the MS-1 was like June 4th 2014 or something like that. And ever since then I've loved this game (despite moments of rage). 


I have absolutely no idea what my word count is, since I'm on my phone, but hopefully it's enough :P

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David_Rish #92 Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:54 PM

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Some staff good at there job others need to be replaced. WG has turned into how quick can it make a dollar. As of late all the changes to the game have brought a huge decline in likability.

pnw72 #93 Posted 11 June 2016 - 04:44 PM


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    I remember what got me into blitz. It was when I needed to find a new game to play for my down time. Working hard all day in construction takes its toll on my aging body. I need my down time to recover my fatigue, and just get my mind off the job. Blitz has satisfied this for me and so much more. It started out as just a few battles a night, and now turned into play when ever I can.
    The social aspect of this game is what really caught off guard. When i found the forum page, I was in desperate need of help and advise. Well, I found it in spades. The members that I have interacted with have all been positive, and I can not thank them enough for the time they put in. Being in a clan has opened a door to friendships from all over world. It is not just me playing a few battles after work anymore. Its a time that I can get together with some friends and have fun.
    Thank you WG.

BeefCurtainz #94 Posted 11 June 2016 - 05:30 PM

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I met my future wife on the windswept hills of Winter Malinovka. We rushed the mill in our mediums, and that's when it happened; one look at her camo covered cupola and knew it was love. When her turret spun around our barrels froze, locked in a mutual gaze filled with unbridled passion and longing. But there was one problem, our team went the other way to the lake. So it was just us two against the entire red team. Without hesitation, she loaded HEAT and unleashed an andrenaline assisted storm of sizzling hell onto the enemy. "Cap base!" She said, but what I heard was "save yourself".  "Affirma..." and before I could finish typing I was ammoracked! Once dead I watched the gal pounce on the enemy with fury. She had it all- reset camo like a champ, she could permatrack and peekaboom like nobody's business. Hull down- in spades. She threw in some brawling for good measure and ended with a flawless CoD- cha ching! Needless to say I sent a platoon invite and our first date was in a training room tailored for two. We live in the same town and see each other often, and I'm happy to report that she loves Whiskey. 


Our wedding is going to be at the General Dynamics M1 Abrahms plant, and instead of a limo we are renting a renovated TOG. Expect wedding invitations soon via PM.

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6bunny1 #95 Posted 11 June 2016 - 06:44 PM


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I started playing and I got my Dad hooked on playing Blitz as well. We platoon together on Saturdays and sometimes with my cousin - who we roped in as well. It is fun to sit side by side and play the game with him (he takes it so serious too). Dad plays all the time now. I just wander in and play a few with him then pat him on the head as he talks about what we could have done differently in battle.  Blitz is a good game and great to share with a friend. Sometimes it changes faster than we are ready for - just when we start understanding a map it changes - so be ready to change with it. I hope Blitz keeps getting better - it's the best mobile game for sure.  So what does Blitz mean to me: a great game and little alone time with Dad.

Aghostinthetank #96 Posted 11 June 2016 - 06:47 PM


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Blitz has a very special meaning to me. Even though I've pretty much moved on from Blitz, this was my Proving Grounds, the place where I learned virtual tank warfare. It wasn't a hard road or anything, but everyday (at least back then), after boring and difficult days at school, I'd come home, hop on my iPod and play a couple of games to relax. Even though I am no longer the mobile gamer I was, I still occasionally revisit Blitz on my new computer, even though I could play games like the regular World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, and Armoured Warfare, I've always come back to it once or twice to relive the memories(please don't redact due the using names of other games). It was a good run.




FlammeumDraco333 #97 Posted 11 June 2016 - 07:16 PM

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View PostWhiskeyCyclone, on 11 June 2016 - 01:30 PM, said:

I met my future wife on the windswept hills of Winter Malinovka. We are already engaged. Shells were flying all around us as we rushed towards the mill in our Soviet era mediums, and that's when it happened; one look at her camo covered cupola and knew it was love. When her turret spun around to look at me our barrels froze, locked in a mutual gaze filled with unbridled passion and longing. But there was one problem, our team had gone the other way onto the frozen lake, heavies included. So it was just the two of us against the full might of the red team. Then, without hesitation she loaded HEAT and her guns started blazing faster than you could say gelato, unleashing an andrenaline assisted storm of sizzling hell onto the enemy. "Cap base!" She said on chat, but what I heard was "save yourself". Such compassion and heroism! "Affirma..." and before I could finish typing I was ammoracked into oblivion. Once dead I used the "ghost of the fallen" view or what some call the "haunt" and watched my beloved as she turned tail and repositioned, put shots into the enemy Tiger II and repositioned again. She had it all, reset camo like a champ, she could permatrack and peekaboom like nobody's business. Hull down- in spades. She threw in some brawling for good measure and ended with a flawless CoD- cha ching! 

Needless to say I wasted no time in inviting her to platoon, and our first date was in a training room tailored for two. We live in the same town and see each other often, and I'm happy to report that she loves Whiskey. 


Our wedding is going to be at the General Dynamics M1 Abrahms plant, and instead of a limo we are renting a renovated TOG. 

Our first born will be name Michael Wittmann, regardless if it's a boy or girl. Thanks for reading, expect wedding invitations soon via PM.

Good luck on your marriage and "have fun", if you know what I mean.:trollface:

View PostSystemrename, on 03 February 2015 - 04:06 PM, said:

Whatever, since people seem content with the plain oleophobic coating and dragging their meaty, calloused workman's thumbs around like proto-lizards sliding up out of the primordial ooze onto dry land, it's just more for me.  I'm happy to float on fiber and run circles around you filthy casuals. Eat my dust, snail thumbs.


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Silevern #98 Posted 11 June 2016 - 07:36 PM

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Back in 2012 or so I downloaded WoT PC just for the kicks. I was 13 or so years old so I was terrible at it, I think the farthest I got was tier 5. After a while in the summer of 2014 I was bored and wanted a game to play, and I noticed tons of ads for WoTB. I vaguely remembered playing WoT PC so I said "Hey, let's try this." I got my little brother to download it too and we had some fun platooning.


I really started to play this competitively around early 2015, I believe. That was when I found my way to forums and realized that I had a resource I could improve my gameplay with.


As for what forums mean to me, it represents improvement and community. The vast majority of new forumers will greatly improve their gameplay by absorbing the knowledge found in the forums and finding clans and platoonmates. For seasoned veterans it's a place to discuss and behave like enthusiasts and know you can chat all you want with someone who enjoys the game just as much as you do. Would write more but approaching word limit.

ThemasterTanker1 #99 Posted 11 June 2016 - 10:44 PM

    No, this is Patrick

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I had known about World of Tanks and WG’s other products long before Blitz, registering in 2011 etcetera, etcetera. However, it wasn't until, I wanna say March 2014, until I discovered Blitz.


I was on the WoT Wikipedia page, reading about it since I was bored. I scrolled down noticed a section called World of Tanks Blitz, which detailed that WG had announced a new mobile game. I searched it up in Google and sure enough found the forum, the only forum I've ever bothered participating on. About the time I found this place, closed beta applications were going up. I'd already tested things in the past for WG, such as the closed beta for World of Warplanes and the alpha test for World of Warships a few months later in 2014. I said “Why the hell not” and signed up. Sure enough, I got accepted.


I found the game fun and stayed with it up until now, almost 2 years later. I'd say the major reason for doing so is because there simply aren't enough quality mobile games on the App Store. Although there are some infuriating moments in Blitz, I still enjoy it thoroughly


troopdude #100 Posted 11 June 2016 - 11:00 PM

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About two years ago, I was "studying" in the library with some of my friends for finals. About half an hour in, we had failed to do anything productive, and instead were playing games on our tablets/phones. I looked over the shoulder of my friend who had been playing Blitz. Then, being the annoying troll that I was, I swiped all over his screen, caused him to fire at walls, and told him to ram into everything in sight. I became obsessed over the tank he'd been driving due to its amusing name, the Durchbruchswagen II. 


A few months later at a boring family Christmas party, I decided to download Blitz. I basically played for 3 days straight, lying on the floor late at night with my tablet plugged into the wall, derping around in my Hetzer or zooming around in my Covenanter.


And now, here I am, addicted to the game that I had originally made fun of. My friend had quit the game a long time ago, and now he made fun of me as he watched. And I still never got the Durchbruchswagen II. 


Currently grinding: FV215B 183(on AT15), T62A(on t-54), T49 (on Bulldog)

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