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tjheff1066 #21 Posted 28 July 2016 - 02:14 PM


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View Postmrbieler, on 26 July 2016 - 08:00 PM, said:

I mostly played it when it was +/- 2 and it was kick [edited].  Slow rolling death machine.  Angle and scrape, absorb the track hits, and pummel your foe.  Keep pushing and force the other guy to run so your teammates can slap them around too.  It also prints decent money.


This is good advice....when you get a tank in your crosshairs...push on them if you can and keep firing, the insane rate of fire will get many a tanker thoroughly soiling their pants and they will start panicking...banging into walls etc trying to escape.  I don't know how many times a tank rolls your way, bounces a shot and then receives 3 hits in return, bounces another and then the panic sets in and they get all kinds of goofy as you pour in shots.  Then they die.

tlouie #22 Posted 28 July 2016 - 03:06 PM

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View Postevil00genius, on 25 July 2016 - 03:25 AM, said:

You probably need to do two things better: predict the flow of the battle and use your tracks more effectively. 


Some basic tips:


  • You should be baiting shots and eating shots with the tracks. 
  • You are not a fast tank, so getting tracked is not the major calamity it is in other tanks.
  • You are not a fast tank, but always be moving.
  • Always wriggle your hull when advancing, never just drive straight at someone.
  • Sidescrape and use hard cover for protection, always be moving from one piece of hard cover to another.  Green tanks and dead red tanks count as hard cover.
  • Remember that your left front is where the weak point is and try to come around cover on the right side so that you are exposing the right side of your upper glacis and not the left. 
  • Load a lot of prammo to take care of KV-1, brit TDs and similar heavily armored tanks at tier and above, credit coefficient should make up for the cost. 
  • Learn to aim for drive wheels, you are a perma-track monster with your rate of fire and you should always be trying to put the first shot into a drive wheel to fix your target in place so that you can tear them apart. 
  • Do not try to peek-a-boom with someone, if they are doing that to you then either relocate or push hard on them so that after taking the hit you can continue to engage them and destroy them during reload.
  • Rammer and vents are a given, for third slot either toolbox (see "eat shots with tracks" above) or optics to see them first and provide more time to prepare your plan.


After reading this I had to go back and check and discovered that my Church III had dropped below an 80% win rate, so time to run it again and fix that.



OP, this is great advice, heed it well. Esp the part about never playing peek a boom if driving the Church 3.  


If you are trading shots with an enemy, you need to advance on the enemy tank relentlessly.  Make them regret ever leaving spawn.  Use the time during reloads to angle hull, and aim your turret.  By the time reload is done, your reticle bloom should be at it's smallest, so fire immediately.


Also, hit the Attack quick msg while hovering over enemy, so team knows there's a tracked Red, easy kill available. Red will be so focused on your approaching looming hulk that your teammates should be able to focus fire and take down that Red is seconds.


One last point about the importance of having the Churchill 3 closing the distance with a solo Red.  You have armor, and can afford to absorb a few hits.  Never snipe from the back of the pack.  When you approach and get close to a Red while firing rapidly, you force them to pick between staying to fight you or fleeing.  And whichever one they choose, you will still be plonking shells into them.

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