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KV-2 Lessons


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slugger_6 #21 Posted 21 July 2016 - 06:22 AM


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Stalin will help you believe me

bill77_tank_killer #22 Posted 21 October 2016 - 05:57 PM

    Major Snafu

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Tier 6 German Light tank: VK 28.01 is really good for credits.  I believe the tier 5 Leopard has an even higher credit multiplier, but I'm not really a fan of auto-cannons...I was using auto-cannon on MT-25 for a long time and doing very poorly with only 100 pen at tier 6 with a lot of time needed to unload a clip with lots and lots of bouncing (esp vs tier 7).  I switched to the 125 pen single-shot gun and have been doing much better (fairly consistent for 1k+ damage....going to take a LOT of games to erase my craptastic performance with the auto-cannon though).

TitaniumRadon #23 Posted 05 July 2017 - 03:45 PM


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Dude, the KV 2 is an epic and overpowered tank once you can use it.When you begin playing with this tank the first barrel is total lame.It only loads HE and HEAT and kills all of your sliver coins and does lame damage.But, the barrel for 6,000 EXP is totally overpowered.It does 480-800 AP and 720-1200 HE.The reload time is what makes it lame.It reloads from 17-30 seconds, so do not miss any shots.The HE is what make this tank epic.Its cheap and can penetrate 99% of any teir 6,7 and 8 tanks, doing atleast 200-1100 damage plus critically damaging modules.If you are lucky 1 shot you would be able to kill any light tanks from teir 5-8.


To use this tank, you need to be a professional at using tank destroyers, because the kv 2 is like a tank destroyer with a turret, it does insane among of DMG, its slow, and has fair among of armour.So, stay at the back of your team and give them deadly support , when reloading find cover and attack again.



Snyper1689 #24 Posted 28 July 2017 - 10:37 AM


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After 3200 battles in it the KV2 is my relaxation tank. I no longer rage when my well aimed shot lands 10 feet in front of me.  I just blow it off as Stalin being drunk.  I used to use prammo when I can pen or when I need to shoot through an object. The nerf to prammo has really made it a less effective option where if you could do 600 damage you should. But it is not worth it as you only do a little more damage than splash.

cheasesteak #25 Posted 29 July 2017 - 03:39 PM

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I platoon with my son a fair bit where I run the ARL and he runs a KV-2 and he is quite good with it (purple stats and over 1400 damage).  Early game he runs it second line since everyone seems to want to kill the KV-2 quickly. One tip on a tactic that he uses quite effectively is to turn around and ambush flankers should the enemy have them.  Nothing like watching that VK 28 or Cromwell come tearing around a building expecting to have rear shots on the enemy and BOOM.  


vvk2 #26 Posted 30 July 2017 - 05:50 PM

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I have played KV-2 a lot (hey it is two years since it was introduced). As some folks mentioned, the key is to keep that balance between being close enough to the front line and yet not to get killed too fast. Your hit rate should stay >75%. It is not that bad with aim. If you lower that 75 you are probably aren't aggressive enough. Keep in mind you have a turret that makes it a much better at closer quarters that say SU-152. Or you don't let the gun aim when you have that opportunity.

Also aiming in KV-2 takes practice when you are to hit moving targets. Estimating the appropriate lead time is crucial. I hit moving meds over 200+m in KV-2 pretty consistently. I don't do it often as I usually try to pick closer targets but sometimes you need to do that. Hitting an incoming tank that is about to show up from behind a building at full speed is also a must. A right moment to shoot with the proper ammo is something to practice. So, selecting ammo: HE is NOT the answer to everything. Before the prammo nerf I used HE or Prammo. Now I use all three. I select the ammo based on the most likely damage outcome for a specific target: when I don't expect a full HE pen or there is a fence or a building in front of my target I resort to AP/AP prammo. Again if I need a kill shot with 600+ and I think I can pen with the regular AP (and there is a lot of targets that fit this case) I switch to standard AP. If the target <500 I shoot prammo.     

As per credits: As you can see I don't really care about credits. On average, loaded with full provisions and consumables and using prammo when I feel needed, I run it cost neutral without prem time. If you want to make credits, you have to stay with HE/Standard AP and no provisions. It will print credits - I used to do that back in the days (pre 2.8 - no provisions). Remember, KV-2 is one of the few tanks that kept the original credit coefficient. 


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