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VK 450.2 (P) ausf A tips?

vk45.02a tier 8 heavy

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PixelBucket #21 Posted 18 July 2016 - 10:26 PM

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View PostBigSmoker1965, on 18 July 2016 - 01:31 PM, said:

HEAVIUM is all you need to know.  One of the most awesome tanks in the game but most people have no clue how to play it.  Platooned in mine today with a T32.  We chewed through the IS teams like they were butter.  T32 used hull down techniques while I went to the sides and rear of the Reds.  Side scraping is acceptable but not what I would want to do in this tank up front. Support move support move repeat.  Carry enough premium rounds to take the frontal armor shots on other heavies when things are falling apart but mostly AP is what I shoot.  Also can work as a sniper if you have the right team.  I have 350ish games in mine and the large majority of those were 2/2 with a 60% win rate.  Definitely a great tank to platoon in with.  Glad to help you grind it out if you want.


It'd be nice if you would, but I've got only a little time to do it. Sniping doesn't seem to work well for me as the guns aims very slowly (though that will improve as my crew trains, at 80% now.) For me, it appears to also have poor RNG. Missed four shots in a row from point blank at another VK. The gun's alpha and dpm is decent enough, but it's tough to survive long enough to make that matter. The RoF does the job, but having as little armor as it does, you can't afford to peek-a-boom from the same position time and time again. The front, if angled decently, does bounce shots from time to time. Himmelsdorf sucks for this tank, there aren't any real sniping positions that work with the tanks poor camo value. It's also hard to hide behind rubble piles, with it being as tall as it is.

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_DragonKRIEG #22 Posted 18 July 2016 - 11:25 PM


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Like a FV215b at tier 10, it's a good tank that nobody knows how to properly play because of the one odd feature. 215b has a rear mounted turret, the only one in the entire British tech tree in the relevant tiers, this is a German heavy with bad armor


One just needs to know how to play it. With the 215b, get into a position where you can put that gun into good use. With the VK45.02A, flank and support fire but dont take too many hits. Find opportunity shots and exploit enemy mistakes. Like the IS-8, you're a medium tank with a big heavy gun. Go on the flank, and peek a boom with enemy mediums.



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