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Speedy Shooter – Crusader Tier V

Crusader Tier V Light Tank Britain

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AnUntoldStory #1 Posted 04 August 2016 - 09:46 AM


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Most people hate this tank for its poor armour, less-than-average mobility for a light tank, and low alpha damage. However, this sneaky Lewis Hamilton of a tank can be used successfully for its superb gun handling.


Tier V is dominated by a few big names. There's the KV-1, the side-scraping love of Stalin, with its 85 mm troll. There's the

AT-2, which has 8 inches of armour. And you can't go far without talking about the Snow Cat, the Leopard. As a far from OP light tank, this is an underdog. However, I may be mistaken, but this has insane gun depression, at -15 degrees. Or that was the good old Covenanter. 


When it comes to firepower, this has 90 average damage and 18.75 RPM, bringing 1688 DPM. This is a lot for your tier, and with 0.34 dispersion, 2.3 seconds of aim. A rammer and vents will increase your DPM to 1941 damage, not to mention crew mastery, adrenaline, and whatever perks you can find. But the biggest thing with being a 360 degree noscope is having shots go in. This is where it shines, with 115 or so mm of pen. This seems weak, but APCR can offset this with 180 mm, and lowly HE with 15 mm of pen. 


Your mobility is trash, as in, not good for a light. 44 kph or so, you will go faster sometimes. I've played 30 or so games, maxed this tank out, and I've only went to 60 kph once, down a cliff. But your COD ability is quite good, as you can flank with your low silhouette and E-25 -esque abilities.


Play this fast and loose. Exploit gaps or you can snipe. 

VikkoTheTusken #2 Posted 04 August 2016 - 11:00 AM


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:honoring: Ok, I'm going to have to get back in this tank and give it a go. It needs rehab anyways. Thanks!

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RastyMcNasty #3 Posted 06 August 2016 - 06:30 AM


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Am i the only person that thinks this tank is OP? This was my best tank by far, I had a blast with it, albeit for enough games to get to the Cromwell.  The ROF is insane, its basically a tier 5 comet, but fires faster.  I found the speed to be more than sufficient.  Against mediums, you just dpm them to death.  Against heavies, just circle them.  The fuel provision gives it that extra little kick you need.  I found it best not to use it as a scouting tank, it's not fast enough to escape danger like a Leopard.  I let the battle develop, then would sneak in behind tanks, pop 3-4  shots, then move on.

M4Sherman2WII #4 Posted 20 September 2016 - 11:33 AM


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I loved the Crusader. The gun handling is amazing, and the maneuverability is fantastic. Can't jump over rivers or do drifts though...

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peskypesky #5 Posted 08 November 2016 - 02:11 AM


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Hmmm. I hate the Crusader. I loved the Cruiser III, Cruiser IV and Covenanter...but I am seriously not happy with the Crusader. Aluminum foil armor. Gun that can't damage anything but a light tank (unless you're shooting there rear). Mobility sucks compared to a Leopard. 


I'm trying to play enough with the Crusader to get to the Cromwell, but I might just give up. I really am not having success with this tank and can't believe it's a tier V.  My KV1, on the other hand, is a MONSTER. No comparison. The Leopard is great. And I've even had more luck with the Panzer IV than this Crusader.


Oh, btw, did I mention I hate this tank?

TengenToppaPotatoLagann #6 Posted 08 November 2016 - 02:43 AM

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i struggled in this tank as a noob, but now i know it should be given a bit of respect. some day i'll rehab it.

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