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Training room recording session at 5:30 EST

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RH_131 #1 Posted 19 August 2016 - 08:43 PM

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A continuation of the recording I did Wednesday night, ill be working to finish the CW preview video for my channel. You'll need a tier X and I'll provide instructions as we go along. Just be aware that I require certain classes and nations of tanks for different scenes so you may be waiting a bit. I'll let you know what tanks and how many I need for each scene. Also, I may ask you to change your camo to make it look uniform, don't worry it is free camo since it's a training room, I won't be using any rare camo. Any questions let me know here, and I'll answer questions once we start as well. At 5:30 I'll be looking for Soviet/American tanks, but I'll use different nations as scenes progress.
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Gitgudm9 #2 Posted 19 August 2016 - 09:51 PM

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Very cool! Unfortunately I don't have any tier 10s :(

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