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My Proposal to Convoy Mode for Blitz

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_Sterben_ #1 Posted 15 September 2016 - 08:21 AM

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Looking from the PC's Convoy Mode for the 100 Years event,

It looks awesome!, escorting the Mk.I from the enemy base is a great Idea,

so I was planning for a Blitz version, so here's my proposal of it :)



Convoy Mode 

What is Convoy Mode?

In PC, there are two separate teams, one team will defend while the other team attacks the defending team,

the main role of the Defending Team will prevent the Mark I Tank coming from their base, on the other hand

the main role of the Attacking Team will escort and protect the Mark I until it reaches the defending team's base.


 Convoy Mode for Blitz

In Blitz, it has the same mechanic from the PC, 

Escort the Mk.I until it reaches the base,



Tanks required

- Mark I Tank (can be either the Churchill GC or a AT-8)

- Lanchester Armored Car ( BT-2 mounting a 23mm VJa Gun or a T2 Light)


-Team A will escort the Mark I reaching from the final point 

-Team B will prevent the Mark I reaching from the final point

Ways Winning the Game

- Mark I reaching the Final Point >Team A

- Time out but Mark I still hasn't reached the final point > Team B


-Rules for Team A

A. Rules for the Mark I (Churchill GC or AT-8) 

> The Mark I (Churchill GC) cannot shoot at the enemy team (BT-2 or T2 Light)

   but if tracked, the Mark I can shoot only one time

> The Mark I can repair by using Repair kit or a Multi Purpose restoration pack 

> The Mark I has two main routes 

Route 1
Route 2


B. Rules for the Lanchester Armored Car (BT-2 using a 23mm VJa and T2 Light)

> Escort the Mark I reaching to the final point

> prevent Team B from de-tracking the Mark I

> Premium Rounds is not allowed 


Team Layout:


-Rules for Team B

Rules for the Lanchester Armored Car (BT-2 using a 23mm VJa and T2 Light)

> Prevent the Mark I reaching the final point

> Premium rounds is not allowed

> To prevent the Mark I, shoot only it's Tracks 


Team Layout:


So here's my proposal :)

If you wanna add suggestions or opinions,

feel free adding your own ideas in the comments :honoring:





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Hannah_Shark #2 Posted 01 December 2016 - 10:37 PM


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cant use any Higher tiers? no TOGs?


°д° << FEAR. btw going to find out how to get that on blitz.

its not easy having a Tiger I but only having less then 100k credits to still HAVE the Tiger I. oh what to do

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awesomeplayer9690 #3 Posted 03 December 2016 - 09:08 PM

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AT8 would be bad


The "armored cars" can't pen the AT8


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