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MT-25 Strange Little tank

MT25 MT 25 MT-25

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View PostBobboEvans, on 22 September 2016 - 01:24 PM, said:


Stick with it.  Below is my progression in tank and I granola ground crew and modules.


Games 1-35:  38% win rate

Games 36-75:  60% win rate (50% overall)

Games 75-95:  61% win rate (52% overall) Crew hit 100%

Games 95-132:  73% win rate (58% overall)


I ran the 76mm early on because the crew skills made the 57mm and auto loader worthless.  I preferred higher alpha with reload in cover.  I mounted the auto loader at about 97% crew and it works well.  I've heard 57 is good but haven't yet run it on fully upgraded tank. 



Your win rate is pretty much mimicking mine and I'm still just struggling to play it.  When I played the German lights they were so OP my win rate was probably 65-70% that line until the SP I C (which I got distracted at... SQUIRREL!) but man,.. I'm SUCKING loads in the MT-25 and it's killing me getting tot he LTTB before it gets nerfhammered.



I love kemping bush

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