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Dec. 21, 2016 Blitz Brawl VI (Tier 7) Info and Feedback

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CC_Sly #1 Posted 13 December 2016 - 06:46 PM

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Next one! (Part of a set)


This one will be running alongside the Tier 10 one. 


Overall Result: Standard


Tournament Requirements (Out of my control...for now)

  • Groups of 8 with best of 3 format
  • 1 Winning team per group
  • Prize Amounts (Scaled to the max number of participating teams)
  • Team Size 7-9
  • Tier VII must be included
  • All maps must be included



  • Moving registration timings to later in the  to see if it helps
  • Trying a weekday tournament to see how it performs
  • Creating a non-Tier 10 tournament to allow more variety of players to participate
  • Trying to announce multiple tournaments earlier 
  • Adding in Encounter to the rotation. This will have both Supremacy and Encounter maps avalible


Known / Reported Issues:

  • [Known Issue] Registration issues - we have had reports of issues that either prevented or delayed invitations to people preventing them from participating or creating a team in time.
    • I have been informed that this is supposed to have been fixed.
  • [Reported Issue] Not being invited to a match - We have had a report that after the first battle a team did not receive another invite for the second battle and automatically lost. 
    • I have not seen any additional reports of this happening so I am calling it fixed until more reports come in.
  • [FEATURE] Team Deletion / Registration Closing - All teams that have not claimed a spot in the tournament itself when either the registration time is up or the tournament hits the maximum number of teams allowed, will be deleted from the "waiting/pending" list. Also hitting the maximum number of allowed team closes the registration period. Even if one of the teams cancels and we drop below the maximum.
    • This is currently a feature but please continue to leave feedback.


Feedback Request:

  • Did anyone experience any AFK/Less than 5 member teams?  
  • What would be more beneficial to you for finding out about tournaments? "Future Tournaments" in game? or an out of game news article?
  • How was the competition? Was Tier 7 a good place to hold the limit?
  • How was the midweek torunament? Odd timings / Hard to schedule? 


If there is anything else you'd like to leave feedback on. That is what this thread is for!


Overall Feedback Gathered so far:

  • More prizing would be preferred
  • More clear sets of rules (constant clear rules for these regular tournaments)
  • Tier 7 seems to get more participation than Tier 10
    • People prefer lower tiers? 
  • Less AFK vs AFK than the Tier 10 Brawl

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rbar55 #2 Posted 22 December 2016 - 03:48 AM


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Question:  our teams werew members short on our first round, so one tank on our team was inactivated for an even match.

the next round, the opposing team was allowed to keep one more tank than we had...where can we read the rules used for matching teams up with each other?


LetsMakePeopleHateUsMore #3 Posted 22 December 2016 - 06:31 AM

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Can u give us more gold? 150 gold is nothing, I want like 500, 1 hour of our time for 150, just think that


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