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Jan. 3, 2017 Blitz Brawl VII Info and Feedback

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hustleb0nes #1 Posted 22 December 2016 - 07:42 PM

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Hey All! I've created this info and feedback post for Blitz Brawl VII on behalf of CC_Sly since he is currently out for the holidays :)


Overall Result: Standard


Tournament Requirements (Out of CC_Sly's and my control...for now!)

  • Groups of 8 with best of 3 format
  • 1 Winning team per group
  • Prize Amounts (Scaled to the max number of participating teams)
  • Team Size 7-9
  • Tier X must be included
  • All maps must be Supremacy Mode
  • Must use all maps that can be Supremacy Mode



  • Changing the team battle size from 5-7 roster players to 1-7 roster players
  • Moving registration timings to later in the to see if it helps.
  • Trying a weekday tournament to see how it performs
  • Trying to announce multiple tournaments earlier 
  • Moving the tournament timing to an odd time to see what happens to participation/AFK


Known / Reported Issues:

  • [Known Issue] Registration issues - we have had reports of issues that either prevented or delayed invitations to people preventing them from participating or creating a team in time.
    • I have been informed that this is supposed to have been fixed.
  • [Reported Issue] Not being invited to a match - We have had a report that after the first battle a team did not receive another invite for the second battle and automatically lost. 
    • I have not seen any additional reports of this happening so I am calling it fixed until more reports come in.
  • [FEATURE] Team Deletion / Registration Closing - All teams that have not claimed a spot in the tournament itself when either the registration time is up or the tournament hits the maximum number of teams allowed, will be deleted from the "waiting/pending" list. Also hitting the maximum number of allowed team closes the registration period. Even if one of the teams cancels and we drop below the maximum.
    • This is currently a feature but please continue to leave feedback.


Feedback Request:

  • Did anyone experience any AFK/Less than 5 member teams?  
  • What would be more beneficial to you for finding out about tournaments? "Future Tournaments" in game? or an out of game news article?
  • How was the midweek torunament? 
  • Did anyone see more AFK?
  • How was the timing?


If there is anything else you'd like to leave feedback on. That is what this thread is for!


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