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Tactics Guide - Encirclement on Castilla

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Noob_Commander_Tank #1 Posted 31 December 2016 - 11:51 PM


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Encirclement occurs when an army is surrounded on two or more sides, leaving no easy options to retreat. For example in the video on Castilla from the South I push up to the east and take the high ground on the hill. Our Dracula zooms around the map and pushes through the west and spots from the north base where the reds have all clustered. Our IS3 also pushes up to the lower ground to the east of the capture zone. Encirclement is risky as the reds could to attempt a risky breakout maneuver which the centuriom attempts but it is too little too late. It ended up as a battle of annihilation.
Use terrain to your advantage, finding natural "choke-points" that will help you encircle the enemy. Being where the reds spawned on the north it is easy to trap the reds in the valley in base if they are slow to push on. There are 4 exits from the valley the reds did not bother using any fortunately.

Encirclement rarely occurs in completely open terrain, so a commander must be aware of their surroundings and use impassable terrain such as water and mountains to their advantage.

However you must be cautious because encirclement can be a risky tactic if not executed properly, as the flanking force(s) can be vulnerable to being flanked themselves. Use a secondary force to trail behind your main force, and if they try to "pinch", "pinch" them back!



If theres any mistakes let me know. Add anything you feel I missed.


Happy 2017 and thank you for reading.


Source: http://www.axis-and-...annihilate.html

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