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Explanation of symbols

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delrayjeep #1 Posted 09 November 2014 - 04:08 PM


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After a battle on battle results if I click detailed then efficiency I can see individual damage to enemy vehicles. Within each vehicle damaged I can see what modules and crew I may have damaged. Some are obvious like tracks for example. For me some are not. Is there a guide or web page that I am not able to find that explains which each of these symbols stands for. Thanks if anyone can point me to it.

JDMluv18 #2 Posted 09 November 2014 - 05:02 PM

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Don't have time to draw in circles/arrows, but I'll list from left to right:


1. Engine damaged (slower speed)

2. Loading mechanism damaged (they are shown as upright if it's the loader).

3. Fuel Tank (higher chance of fire)

4. Track (speed slowed)

5. Gun damaged (accuracy decreased)

6. Turret damaged (slowed rotation)

7. Sight Damaged (can't see as far)


These are all mechanical components of the tank, the next few involve your crew:


1. Commander injured (viewing ranged decreased if I remember correctly)

2. Driver injured (turning speed decreased)

3. Radio man injured? (I believe it slows down the tank overall, can't remember for sure)

4. Gunner Injured (slower aim time)

5. Loader injured (slower loading time)


Hope this helps

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LkASr #3 Posted 09 November 2014 - 05:10 PM

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the smaller ammo (upwards): loader hit (decreases loading speed)

crosshairs: gunner hit (accuracy decreased)

binocular: commander hit (view range decreased)

steering wheel: driver hit (speed decreased)

headphones: radio operator hit (disables radio operation (very rare to hit him))


engine: engine hit (yellow: slows down speed red: stops tank temporarily)

track:  track hit (prone to tracking; stops tank temporarily)

gas tank: gas hit (prone to burning; burn)

tank gun: gun hit (decreases accuracy; unable to shoot)

turret: turret hit (slows down turret speed; disables turret rotation (for turreted tanks only))

optics: optics hit (decreases view range; blinds the tank temporarily (if commander is hit as well))

larger ammo: ammo rack (prone to instant death + decreases loading speed; instant death)

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