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The ultimate guide to the A-32 - Worth it?

A-32 ultimate guide USSR medium tank

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blitz_stern #1 Posted 14 January 2017 - 07:35 PM

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The A-32 is a very versatile little tank with a 76mm gun that can tear apart your enemies with dangerous results. While still being capable of achieving high speeds of up to 61km/h on flat ground even though it has some of the best armor of any tier four medium tank in the game. So continue to read on and find out how you can get the most out of this little tank for your enjoyment. And if you are looking at buying the tank from the premium shop, then look no further, you will find everything you need to know in this guide!




76MM L-10U


The gun on the A-32 can definitely wreak  havoc onto enemy tanks, when it can penetrate that is. The tank has an excellent alpha damage of 160. But a poor penetration value of 66. Not only that, but the A-20, the tier four Russian light tank, has better penetration then the A-32 at 68, not a lot more, but every little bit helps. Since the A-20 is very familiar to the A-32, we will be using the A-20 as a reference tank to compare it to the A-32 and decide whether it is worth putting your money into when you can just pick up the A-20 from the tech tree for a small fortune of credits. Both tanks are capable of mounting a 76mm gun, though there not identical, the 76mm U-10 has slightly better results then the A-32 tanks 76mm L-10U. I have already stated that the A-20 has slightly better penetration then the A-32. But the A-32 also falls behind on damage per minute, A-20 having a damage per minute of 1011, and a reload of 9.5 seconds. While the A-32 falls behind quite a bit at having a damage per minute output of 864, and a reload of 11.1 seconds. So the damage per minute output of the A-32 is quite lacking, but you can always run the vents and gun rammer to help with that damage output. And it doesn't get any better for the A-32 at having a shell velocity of 558 on AP rounds. Again, quite lacking compared to the A-20 shell volocity of 612 on AP rounds. And it doesn't help the A-32 anymore at having a 1.9 second aim time, compared to the A-20 aim of 1.7 seconds. Again, not the biggest difference, but it all comes down to time when it comes to running derp guns. Accuracy is not one of the strong points of the A-32, with 0.45 desspersion compared to the 0.41 that the A-20 has. Desspersion while rotating the turret our going at high speeds is also a weak spot on the A-32, while only having 0.18 compared to the 0.14 the A-20 has. So firing while on the move in this tank is not the most ideal thing to do. there is one thing that the A-32 is better at then the A-20 when it comes mounting the 76mm gun. Because the penetration is so low on AP rounds for both tanks, you will need to carry those HEAT rounds for the extra penetration. Both the A-32 and A-20 have 75mm of penetration on HEAT rounds. Why dose this make a the A-32 better? Because the A-32 is a premium tank, you will make a lot more experience and credits during battle, so when you fire those HEAT rounds at better armored opponents, you won't have to be afraid of losing as many credits during battle. While the A-20 makes only minimum for a regular tank, will loose a lot more credits then the A-32 would while shooting HEAT shells. Even 75mm of penetration won't be enough to go trough some tier five heavy tanks and medium tanks. That's where the HE rounds come in handy. Because the accuracy is poor on the A-32, you may not be able to hit the tracks of an enemy tank to immobilize them for your teammates to finish off. But your fairly quick aim time will allow you to al least hit somewhere on the tank. You may not do much damage to heavier armored opponents, but you have a good chance of injuring one of the crew members inside the tank. Here's a list of a few tanks you should watch out for when battling in the A-32. 

Churchill l

Churchill lll



Matilda lV

AC 1 sentinel



D.W 2


PZ lll/lV



These tanks you should be careful of facing head on, you cannot rely on your HEAT shells to penetrate every time, and because the A-32 has a poor reload and accuracy, you will need to make every shot count with minimal ricochets and misses. So it's pretty obvious that the A-20 will beat the A-32 in overall statistics of the gun. But the A-32 has more then firepower that the A-20 will only dream of.


Speed and mobility 


The A-32 is quite competitive to the A-20 when it comes to speed. Both tanks have the same horse power per ton, given the A-32 the advantage for the amount of armor it has, compared to the lightly armored A-20. The A-32 has a better top speed of 70km/h compared to the A-20 at 65km/h. Of course the A-32 will never be able to reach that top speed very well, but the tank can exceed over 60km/h on flat ground. One of the things that can be frustrating is the traverse speed of the A-32, while the traverse speed is 40 degrees, while it's not bad, it can be a little hard to steer while exceeding 50km/h. So make sure you plan your turns ahead of time. 


armor and protection 


When I said the A-32 had some of the best armor for its tier, It does not mean your driving a Matilda at 60km/h.  But for the speed the A-32 is capable of reaching is excellent for the amount of armor the tank has. 35mm of front armor may not sound like a lot at first, but when you look at the steep slope on the front of the tank, then the thickness increases. Making is extremely difficult for lower tier tanks to penetrate your front  reliably. The tank also has 30mm of sloped side armor giving it the ability to side scrape very well along ridges and buildings. But don't except the same results when fighting tanks that are a tier higher then you are. Your armor is only reliable against thirty seven, and fourth five millimeter guns with 60mm of penetration our less. When you compare the A-32 and A-20 to armor, then it is without a doubt.


provisions, equipment, and consumables 


To get the most out of the A-32, I suggest you run these specific provisions, equipment, and consumables. For equipment, your should run the improved ventilation class 2, medium caliber tank gun rammer, and enhanced gun laying drive. For provisions you should carry the standard fuel, condensed milk, and protective kit. Running these specific provisions and equipment will greatly help in improving the gun of the A-32, reload/aim time/ etc. for the consumables, you should carry the multiple purpose restoration pack, repair kit, and adrenaline. I find the adrenaline to be better to have at hand then the engine power boost because you may need another shot to load a little more quickly then the normal loading time. The tank can reach its top speed fairly well, making the boost to be uneccesery to carry.


Pros & Cons



great speed and armor,

hige alpha damage, 

good turret traverse,

decent hull traverse,

nice aim time for a derp cannon,

Very good top speed of 70km/h,

Very good hit points of 560,



Bad  penetration,

poor accuracy,

Only one gun choice,

has trouble penetrating tier five tanks,

Insignificant HE shell penetration 


How should it be played?


Because the A-32 has a long reload, and not the best penetration. Your best to make sure you have a team to back you up. So it's best to serve as a second line support. Your armor will stand up to most tier three tanks, but don't rely on your armor when fighting tanks that are a tier higher then you are. There are some tanks you won't be able to penetrate, even with HEAT rounds. So if there's a certain enemy tank you cannot penetrate, avoid making contact and drawing attention to yourself and focus on other enemy tanks you can penetrate, and hope your team can deal with the one you can't. You can also try to flank your armored opponent to try and get there side. But even HEAT shells won't go through some tier five heavy tanks. For the best success in this tank, you can try to scout the area with your huge speed, but be aware of your traverse speed. Try to avoid front on engagement with tier five tanks, your armor will not hold up. Acting as a second line support for your team in the A-32 is the best choice when fighting tier five match ups. When fighting tier three tanks, you can be a little more careless, knowing that most tier three tanks cannot penetrate your tank frontly. Keep an eye out for tank destroyers as most of them you will see can penetrate your armor like butter. 


is it worth it?


The A-32 is currently being sold in the premium as of January 13th, will be available for 7 days from then. The current price it is being sold for $10 in a bundle. The bundle includes the A-32, 500 gold, 7 days of premium, and a garage slot. For $10 you could get a tier six tank for that much. It was once sold on Halloween for $5, witch I think was a perfect price for the tank. If your a dedicated A-20 player, then this tank will be a good choice for you because you won't be losing as many credits as you would in the A-20 when firing HEAT rounds. If your looking for a tank to grind credits in, then I would not recommend this. Try a T-25 our PZ lV/V for credit grinding if your looking for a low tier premium tank to grind credits in. The A-32 may be lacking in gun handling and many other things, but keep in mind you have a lot more armor, and your just as fast as the A-20. So it's a decision whether your looking for a fast, well armored, derp tank for your enjoyment. Our if your wanting to run the 76mm on the A-20 and tired of loosing credits. The A-32 would be a great choice for any one of those reasons. 


I hope this guide has helped you in improving your gameplay in the A-32 and to decide if the tank is worth picking up our not!


your feedback is always needed in improving these guides. If you see any flaws in the guide then please let me know and I will fix it.


O7 to you, and good luck. 



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blitz_stern #2 Posted 14 January 2017 - 07:54 PM

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There are a few grammatical errors and of that such I have noticed. I will fix those when I can. It's hard to do all this on an iPad :)

little_brother_of_war #3 Posted 14 January 2017 - 09:36 PM

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View Postblitz_stern, on 14 January 2017 - 01:54 PM, said:

There are a few grammatical errors and of that such I have noticed. I will fix those when I can. It's hard to do all this on an iPad :)


Nice eval and summary! Thanks for taking the time and effort! +1!

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Leadf00t #4 Posted 16 January 2017 - 09:07 PM

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Thanks for the guide.  The A-20 was one of my favorite tanks, and your review has me seriously considering the A-32.  Thanks again...Leadfoot

Meatshield_Six #5 Posted 19 January 2017 - 09:59 PM

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Outstanding précis on a less than stellar tank.  I'd love to see some more of these from you - o7

Bronc2004 #6 Posted 30 October 2018 - 02:01 PM


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Got it in a crate:B

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