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The FV 4202 is underrated

FV 4202 FV4202 British tanks

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Is the FV 4202 underrated?

  1. Yes, it is better then what most believe (17 votes [68.00%])

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  2. No, it is worse then what most believe (8 votes [32.00%])

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VinFizzFlyer #21 Posted 31 March 2018 - 01:35 PM


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I completely agree. The tank has epic traverses, a fantastic hp/ton ratio, and a good enough top speed to be a fantastic flanker. It’s gun, while a bit slow on the reload, is extremely accurate, and fast to aim. The HESH is legendary. I can pen just about any enemy medium from the front if I aim properly, and anything else besides super heavies and Soviets from the side. 255mm of pen on standard rounds is enough to deal with anything in reality. Also, ten degrees of gun depression. Fantastic tank.

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