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increase size of the platoon


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Thatguyujustmet #21 Posted 13 February 2017 - 04:52 AM

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I appreciate your service Dustin!


I enjoy playing and talking with buddies all the time.  However, adding larger toons would lead to even more uneven gameplay, simply put.  (Don't argue against that... it's a fact.)   Extremely uneven gameplay kills games... Sad to say, I've seen it happen.  :(   So no, it's not a good idea to have larger toons.  (And no, that isn't a negative opinion/outlook... it's the truth and the truth isn't always something we want to hear.)


Now what you want is to play more battles with friends so that you can have effective communication.  There are other solutions for you.


1.  Recently on my stream me and my clan mates/friends have been doing a countdown and hitting the battle button at the same time.  It's a great way to get into the same battle, sometimes on the same team, sometimes on the enemy team.  But it makes the game all-the-more fun.


2.  Also it costs very little to run tanks in training rooms, especially low tier tanks.  So whenever you want to, you can jump in a training room with friends and play together.


I would also like to point out that there are very few games where your team won't communicate or listen to communication.  Sure it happens, but it's not nearly as bad a problem as the community makes it out to be.  If you're team isn't listening right away, don't give up on convincing them.  Sometimes people may disagree with your strategy or call out something different before you say anything... you know your w/r and skill.  You have to decide/figure out, should I continue to convince my team to do what I say or follow the other guys strategy.  (Try to memorize good clans and players, find out who is better than you and learn when to follow someone else's strategy.)



(Oh also... tier mm only changes by 1.  Unless it's failplatooned, a tier 3 will never see a tier 5.  When in platoons, don't platoon with a tank a tier higher or lower.  Platoon with same-tier tanks.)

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Dustin_litchfield #22 Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:34 PM


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well with the being in a platoon of same tier being 4 I have seen 7s 8s and a 10 before but support doesn't really care of its players. and my honest opinion which doesn't count for much being a vet against civilians in a game of war is that if we cant have a bigger platoon then they should work on the research for the tanks cause as they said they told me and a few others that there goal is to make it more realistic yet their research on said tanks are lacking skill example all the tank destroyers are lacking their firepower, the heavy's are the powerhouse all around which is incorrect, and the light tanks have to high of firepower for being a scout tank. if there hitting as hard or harder than a heavy or destroyer than there move time should be cut by 75% minimum, the heavy's should either have be dropped a few notches in firepower but the mediums is ok to a extent where there at, the lights are scouts high speed very low firepower, medium tank has moderate speed and adequate firepower the heavys should have great all around armor and a punch of firepower, but the destroyers are nerfed, there firepower should be double the heavy minium and equal or more armor in the front, the sides are more of the mediums and the rear is more towards the light if any. basicly saying lights are a 9mm, mediums are 5.56-7.62, heavys 44mag-50mag, destroyers 908cal or close, and armor wise lights being sheet steel cause there speed, mediums 1-3 in steel plating, heavys 6-10 steel plating, and destroyers front of 7-12 steel plating and as earlier in this post figure the math, the lights are scouts, mediums are ur basic tank, heavys are more of the upperclass for medium to close combat and the destroyers are the sniper that pack a big punch for what there designed and built for...

TENO_HEIKABANZAIBAKA #23 Posted 20 November 2017 - 09:36 AM


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4 toggies rushing towards its enemies

the enemies retreats as one gets destoryed one by one.


dport02 #24 Posted 27 December 2017 - 07:20 PM

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Just make platoon up to 3 people. Or make teams bigger.

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