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Timer cheated us

Loss timer cap 100

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tedg5 #1 Posted 25 March 2017 - 10:53 AM

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Hey there tankers, thought I would relate this recent story to help push the spam off the grid.


on mines in tier 5. Recently had a match where one genius decided to go directly to base and cap from start. The other 6 fought a vailant fight and it took reds awhile to rekt us. So all but our base camper are dead, timer is at 80 and the two remaining reds are slow, with one on island. The closer one however looks like he might make it. Our hero does recognize the situation and maneuvers to buy time by forcing him to get around buildings for a shot. Here's where it gets wonky. I see our counter show 100, then a split second later red lands a shot, and counter resets to 0. Our guy was full health so it takes some time and shots to finish him. Wth, I knew you had a few seconds to kill last tank on a capping match and still win, but just soot him? Never seen anything like it. :amazed:

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acrisis #2 Posted 25 March 2017 - 10:59 AM


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That inconsistent leeway time of a few seconds past 100 has been terrible, and is highly inconsistent.


I have seen it run to 99 and been denied the reset from red ... while I have on cap running it to 100 and been reset or killed in overtime by red. Then in SUP modes I have seen it act different too ...


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DerpytrollerZ #3 Posted 25 March 2017 - 12:06 PM

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Reminds me of when the game ended right when our cap hit 99 and then it turned 100 as the battle has ended screen showed up. The only reason we lost that 5v1 was because the only full health tank on the team (the SU100M or whatever that tank is decided to camp the whole game while our VK 30.01P tried to cap and me (in a St. Emil) got 1 shot because spotting range issues, our M6 also got 1 shot, and one of our other heavies got out brawled because thier ARL 44 was at full HP.

F*** WG am i right?

minitel_NA #4 Posted 25 March 2017 - 03:28 PM

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I often cap to 99, just for fun.

seeing the panick is an intense moment of blitzing.

long time a go when I was playing lower tiers and the game was different, (also when falls creek was a thing) I had many occasion to fight for the last second. Yup. You can skip a heart it and be alive. But you can all lose games.

I think overall these games have much more taste and memory potential than the boring steamroll annihilation game.

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