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TonnerreCadien #1081 Posted Yesterday, 04:01 PM

    Cabri dans le Maïs

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Well, thanks to the forum and all the advice I got, I aced the T28. Thanks to all of you for your help - I was clueless on how to use this tank, but I did what you said - kind of went into the middle of the action with the heavies and brawled. Fortunately, no mediums came to CoD me, and I had some good teammates watching my six (although near the end the T29 did get a pretty damaging shot into my rear). After the last red (the Ferdinand) had smoked my last teammate (our IS-6), I destroyed him by actually chasing him down, tracking him so he couldn't turn on me, and then blasting him to Hades. Good times! Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, as it further verifies my sealclubber status, but this is actually the first tier VIII tank I've ever aced. Onwards and upwards, baby! Thanks again, forumers!




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