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Official 3.8 Patch Notes

patch notes

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Reworked Equipment System

  • - Mount up to nine types of equipment on your vehicle
  • - 19 types of equipment, including new items and options
  • - Equipment is mounted in three slots across three levels, each slot gives you a choice between two types of equipment
  • - Use Credits and “Spare Parts” to unlock slots
  • - Once a slot is unlocked, it becomes available after a set period of time (depending on vehicle’s tier and equipment level)

Clan Supply Level X

  • - Added Premium IS-5 for purchase for 1,500
  • - Increased discounts (10%) on Adrenaline and all provisions
  • - Added option to purchase additional Garage slot for Credits
  • - Added discounts on equipment slots at Clan Supply levels VIII-X
  • - Added the IS-2Sh Premium tank, earn it in the Field Test event
  • - Added “Man’s Best Friend” camouflage for Gold

General Fixes and Improvements

  • - Changed the display name of the IS-7 when the “Battle Hardened” camouflage is equipped
  • - Added Panther 8.8 to the Hunter medal description
  • - Removed unplanned passage to the top of the hill near the dam on “Canal”
  • - Added option to enable or disable notifications for Windows 10 and macOS


  • - Fixed position of the vehicle indicator in Sniper mode for desktop clients
  • - Fixed issue where an icon for training room invites was displayed on the Platoon submenu
  • - Fixed issue where an icon for unread chat messages was displayed when there were no unread messages
  • - Renamed the Conqueror turret, “Centurion Mk. III*”
  • - Fixed display of penetration zones for the IS-3 Defender
  • - Fixed long loading times on the Equipment screen
  • - Fixed incorrect rounding of shell reload times for the Helsing H0
  • - Fixed issue causing Jagdpanzer E 100 tracks to rotate in different directions
  • - Fixed issue where vegetation and track textures failed to render
  • - Fixed collision model for the T-54
  • - Reworked assorted game screens
  • - Fixed in-game notification and description text
  • - Fixed general bugs and client crashes

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