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Silevern's Guide to 3.8 Equipment

Silevern Update 3.8

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DelMarCa #41 Posted 24 December 2021 - 11:54 PM


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Is there an update to this somewhere?  

Written in 2017 I was wondering if Enhanced tracks is still "useless"?

Vitality III - Enhanced Tracks vs. Toolbox

The Enhanced Tracks will instantly repair broken tracks from a "damaged" state to a "not damaged" state, while the Toolbox will improve repair speed of all modules by 25%. Enhanced Tracks is downright useless; unlike rumors leading up to this update, it does not repair tracks from a "broken" to "damaged" state (red icon to yellow icon), it will instead repair your damaged tracks to fully module health. So no, it will not automatically fix your tracks if you get detracked. Go with the Toolbox to improve your vehicle's repair crew by 25%. Enhanced Tracks is utterly useless.



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