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COD-R clan recruitment

clan recruitment COD-R

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john_bond_16_pc #1 Posted 17 May 2017 - 04:35 PM

    The name's bond...John bond.

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This is COD-R apart of the COD family (COD COD-R COD-S) we are a chill but competitive clan  





Very active-DAILY if possible; DONT be an obnoxious troll EVER; Participate in chat; Help fellow clan member improve by tooning; Be laid back and enjoy the game; NO DRAMA







Must have 3000 games

Avg tier of 5+

Avg dmg per tier of 175

example: avg tier of 6 would be 1050 (6x175)


we use discord and are active in tourneys


Family to COD COD-S            


if you want to join please contact poop_of_death or myself on the forums or in game I will be on the forums more than he will, o7 to all and hope to see you in the clan soon!



P.S. if you want to join for the IS5 we are at 28.72% clan supply X as of 5/17/2017

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   ​Well John, people have different priorities. Some are here to drive historical tanks and have fun, others for the glorious color coded numbers and other for the relationships and friends they've made. The middle group are the ones who'll say they can't play due to 3.8, they're afraid of having smaller numbers than everyone else and losing the imaginary position they have. They're also the same people who immediately pull stats into any discussion so that they can try to discredit the other side. I will admit I have good stats but I honestly am here for the tanks and fun. Once this game becomes anything other than that I'm out , but until then I'm here to stay.






a_cookie #2 Posted 17 May 2017 - 06:38 PM

    First Sergeant

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"175 dmg each game"


Honk honk motherf...

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