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On What Really Defines a "Noob."

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WriterDude #41 Posted 29 June 2017 - 05:30 PM

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View PostDoragonSenshi, on 29 June 2017 - 10:18 AM, said:

You forgot the good ol "invisible tanks" posts in the snarky section haha


Oh, I hate that! Stupid invisible tanks. (whoops) 

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fishwaltz #42 Posted 29 June 2017 - 05:34 PM


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Confessions of an old noob (or newb - you can pick your preference)


Here's the thing - yes, I'm a noob. I've yet to have more than 2k games, so there it is. 


However... while I do display noobish behavior, I'm learning. I did watch some of the youtube videos, but for me, experience is the best teacher. I tend to learn from my mistakes. Now, some folks are just jerks, not noobs. Take the fellow that had lots of experience, nearly 10k games, that continued to run into me for no reason. They eventually got me whacked by pushing me out from behind a rock. This fellow was not a noob...


Sure you run into all sorts, but the trick is to learn to play as a team, not as a deity with staff.


Real noobs do try to capture the base, crawl up on top of hills and camp, go like a bat out of (you know) and run into the red folks and get munched, camp and try to snipe, etc... These folks are generally salvageable just because they don't know any better, and a gentle nudge in the form of advice can go a long way, if they listen.


Okay, there's my two cents worth.  

Dead_Stock #43 Posted 01 July 2017 - 01:34 PM


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Wouldn't an ignorant noob really just be a noob? They don't know how to play, to say they're bad is like getting mad at a toddler for walking slow. It's just what to expect when new players join the game. Now I'm not sticking up for them, you should get better as you play more. But if the game wants longevity it needs new and old players alike. Maybe there should be a way to help these players improve, bigger names maybe could advertise training rooms where skill and tactics are worked on, people helping one another. I'm not sure. Everyone can agree though that more players is healthy for the game, so bad tankers are going to come with that. Maybe some players never heard of Bushka, Or even think to watch this game on YouTube. There's a lot of variances that goes into one person playing bad, times that by the amount of noobs, now you have that many things to address. So what blankets it all? I can only think of promoting the ideology of getting better and supporting that with examples of a good game. Cause trashing low skilled players only gets so far, and it's less effective as its done more often.

like if I got called a noob all the time, and believed I was one, but loved this game ( as I do, it's truly one of a kind) I'd keep playing regardless, because it brings me joy. Maybe if you saw the same guys playing bad, message them and be like "OY I can help you" and if they accept it then glorious, if not then maybe let them know what's up (nicely), if after all that they still reject it then they're being noob #2. In that case, h8 on them.



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