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KungFury15 #21 Posted 01 July 2017 - 08:10 AM

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I don't seem to be talking to a grander player, I just seem to be talking to a guy who thinks a lot of himself and how his failed and sub par clan is somehow getting their "brand name" stolen. Also, if you're gonna try to insult someone, you might as well just come out and stop trying to fake politeness.



The fact that you looked me up is quite funny since I couldn't care less about you as an enemy player, but thanks for pointing out the fact that I have a better WR than you. :trollface:


i hope you realize you have more battles than me which makes your WR dreadfully low for such a large amount of battles. As for the higher damage, once I get a tier 10, which I'm actually preparing for after the next CW, I'll probs beat your avg damage and once I reach your amount of battles I'll probs have more kolobanovs too. I'd just like to point out the fact that a kolobanovs is just a medal that relies upon your team sucking (donkey in a three letter word). Then you have to fix it. It has nothing to do with a personal accomplishment until the moment you're use fighting alone, which makes the circumstances rather hard to come by actually. 

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