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[TDTKS] The Deceptitanks clan is recruiting!!

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COG_Gear #1 Posted 06 July 2017 - 07:25 PM


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hello fellow would-be Deceptitanks, are you looking for a clan relating to transformers and wot blitz? Say no more.  We Deceptitanks come from the planet Tanketron, our home world where we were raging war against The Autotanks! Our war has lead both us and those disgusting, worthless Autotanks to planet Earth where there already is a war raging on between the humans. We are searching for the allspark, eliminating The Autotanks and those who get in our way. We will not surrender nor submit, we will be ruthless and we will be victorious! Deceptitanks! Transform and rise up!!

if you have any questions and are interested please pm in-game. My username is COG_Gear and my clan is The Deceptitanks [TDTKS] there are no requirements and all are welcomed.

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