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Wintr_ #1 Posted 24 July 2017 - 06:44 PM

    still not enough battles for a custom forum title

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Lol if you can read this you da best! Enjoy the thread and leave some feedback <3


o7 everyone and welcome to the longest thread I will ever write. (probably)


The point of this thread is to provide my thoughts and feedback on the highly controversial and disliked updates that have been released recently, as well as give you guys some interesting things to look forward to in the future!



This is the first thing I would like to address, and also the most controversial. I know everyone here dislikes the changes that were made in 3.8 and for good reason. We are barely making any spare parts per day, maybe 5k if we play for a couple hours, and not many people have that kind of time. Wargaming's response: “The problem will fix itself in time”. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t feel like waiting 4 years to have a decent sized garage with competitive tanks in it.


I am going to compile a list of ideas from countless threads to fix this issue.

1. Reduce the amount of time it takes to unlock each slot. Waiting a month to fully equip a tier X vehicle is just too long. If it were to take 2 weeks I feel it would be far less of a pain in the rear.


2. Increase the amount of spare parts we earn in battles by a SIGNIFICANT amount. I’m talking 1k spare parts per win.


3. Reduce the cost in spare parts of equipment by half. That will allow us to equip twice as many tanks, which for most people with a large garage will be ~ 10-20 tanks.


Many of us like the new equipment, myself included. It offers a bit more variety in builds for many tanks and overall introduced a system that requires actual thought. Obviously it's not perfect, but if the aforementioned changes were implemented I feel equipment would no longer be an issue.


In update 3.9 “gold rounds” were reworked. They now cost slightly less, do typically 15% less damage, but retain high penetration and all other aspects that make them unique. The community has felt very torn when debating this topic. Some like the changes, some don’t. Both sides have valid arguments, but I feel the changes made were both necessary and well executed.


To help explain why these changes were good we will look at the pros and cons and see what issues it addressed.



- rewards being able to aim with more damage per shot.

- ends the ability to press a button and double your tanks effectiveness without any repercussions.

- reduces some of the hate surrounding skill rounds

- leads us away from what PC WOT has become- (standard rounds do nothing and prammo is the only way to succeed), and takes us towards a mechanic that balances skill and game elements in a way that doesn’t make having more credits than your opponent an advantage.



- ruins tanks that rely on premium ammo to penetrate enemies.

- the reduced price of prammo is nullified because you have to fire more of it to do the same amount of damage.


Problems solved:

- the ability of all tanks to gain an advantage by paying more than others.

- the “press 2 to penetrate” meta.


Some may dislike this change, but all you have to do is look at the current state of WoT PC to see how terrible an environment where literally paying more = winning. For now at least WarGaming has saved blitz from that fate, and for that we can be grateful.


A fairly long time ago now all tier 9 & 10 medium tanks were “rebalanced”. While this change had good intentions, it was poorly executed. Each tank has suffered side effects from this change, but such issues can easily be corrected.


Leopard 1 - A medium tank with no armor forced to snipe without penetration. Why is this bad you ask? Even with .28 accuracy a gun cannot reliably hit weak spots at range, which ruins the leos ability to do anything but drive around well. A simple fix would be to restore much of its pen (320 sounds like a good number) so that the tank can still be used effectively.


E 50M - now the medium tank with the most armor, it takes the place of the russian mediums and solidifies its reputation as a med bully tank. But it doesnt have DPM… once again german tanks are forced to snipe or end up being out-brawled by its peers. The fix? Reduce the mobility of the E 50M and give it more penetration, (again 320 like the leo).


M48 Patton - The current king of medium tanks, the patton has good mobility, good dpm, good armor, and lots of gun depression. This tank didn’t really suffer any side effects and has risen to the top of the med food chain.


T-62A/Obj.140 - Each of these tanks were affected in unique ways by the update. The T-62A has become a very balanced medium tank- its turret still bounces things but its not invincible anymore. Whereas the Obj has become a mediocre tank, lacking armor, the ability to snipe, and DPM compared to tanks such as the patton and leo 1. The obj could be fixed by either making it more similar to the 62A or changing its characteristics in a way that makes it unique.


STB-1 - a slightly above average med with excellent view range and a horrible line to grind. This tank always fills a very niche play style and could benefit from either more speed or more penetration.


FV 4202 - its [edited], has always been mediocre, and now lacks its most redeeming factor- HESH. Good news though! HESH will be returning in the future and the Cent AX may be making a surprise visit as well. Since WarGaming is currently balancing this tank I won’t make any suggestions for it.


And that leads us to the final topic!


I’m just going to list some of the things that may be (or are confirmed to be) in the works for future updates.


- French Medium tank line (confirmed)


- Cent AX and HESH returning (highly likely, some rumors already)


- Chinese Medium Tanks (confirmed, and coming very soon as well)


- Reworked old maps (port bay confirmed)


- Personal missions (from PC, reward tanks can be earned including T-55A)


- Replay system! (confirmed, probably next update)


Well congrats and a big thank you for reading this far. Hopefully you didn’t feel like I was beating a dead horse and got some consolation from the list of things to come. Feel free to share feedback and opinions, remember most of this is just my opinion, it's fine to disagree but don’t be an ahole about it.





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Wintr_ #2 Posted 24 July 2017 - 07:17 PM

    still not enough battles for a custom forum title

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No replies after 30 minutes? Jeez you guys are taking a long time to write your hate mail :P

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Thatguyujustmet #3 Posted 24 July 2017 - 07:17 PM

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Addressing points: (2) Yes, I'd like to see it work alongside XP.  Not the exact values of course, rather: "the more you do, the more you earn."  (Earning very little for not having an influence on the win, so that botters don't have a field day.)
(3) This is something that you can't do.... reduce the price of Equipment drastically.  Simply because we already spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of spare parts.  Also, your second point solves the same problem, so no need for (3).


​Personally I dislike the pramo change.  Pramo was already cheap enough to spam if you were highly skilled and cheap enough to use if you were not so skilled.  But it's not a big deal to me... One big problem in relation to this issue is some tanks did not receive the discount on pramo, but felt the nerf.  http://forum.wotblit...e__pid__1220887

Future Goodies

Campaign missions and the Replay system.... Having these would be oh-so awesome.

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​Or ya know... if ya want to improve... cough cough... just uh, watch some good old Thatguy on a blitz day... cough cough :P​  Nice post amigo!  (And don't rush meh!)


_Sterben_ #4 Posted 24 July 2017 - 07:33 PM

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I'm not that kind of guy who reads long Essays so I'll let the Upvote do the talking :P


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_Duncan_Idaho_ #5 Posted 24 July 2017 - 08:54 PM

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equipment - I agree with your assessment - except I have a big garage with 170 tanks, not 20, so the problem is that much more acute for me . . . I did notice an increase in average win earnings with 4.0 but still find them to be too small to be meaningful unless I also complete all missions every day - maybe it would be better to have 6 missions completable within 24 hours rather than 2 sets of 3. At least I wouldn't end up late for work in the morning as I try to grind out my missions before hitting the road.

IMHO - I think increasing SP earnings with premium time, enriched tanks, and premium tanks would be effective solutions so we can grind SP the same way we do credits. I am currently sitting on 33 million credits while the spare parts trickle in. . . . also, the compensation for current tanks should have been bigger. I big handout of SP similar to the one we got at 3.8 would be especially helpful for those of us with giant garages. (I got 23 million spare parts initially and used them unwisely across a lot of tanks before I realized just how hard it would be to earn more).


prammo - I agree with your assessment completely. Shooting prammo makes the game no fun for me. It's nice to have in a pinch. I typically carry 3 rounds of prammo as Bushka recommended and I rarely use them. It sucks to drive around in a big slow heavy only to be easily penned by on the move mediums from a distance who are obviously not aiming for my weak spots. The prammo nerf seems to have balanced that in my experience.


mediums - I love all my tier 9 mediums and am struggling with X but am not playing the latter due to the lack of spare parts. I actually loved the STB grind, especially the Chi-Ri and the Type 61. The type 61 and the e50 are the only two high tier meds I have played regularly since the nerf and I find that I do just fine in them. Then again, I don't use Prammo (except HESH cause HESH is fun), so I wouldn't notice that nerfing. . . . Glad to see that the M48 is now the top dog. It was my first X tank and once I open parts on it, I'll give it another try. . . . maybe my the year 2020. . . 


future - I am excited about the replay feature. I'll learn so much about my own play. . . More tank lines? . . . just when I was almost finished with all the others. That's great, but where am I going to get all those spare parts?


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john_bond_16_pc #6 Posted 24 July 2017 - 09:12 PM

    The name's bond...John bond.

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I didn't read all of it but I liked the last part about the future. ;)

   ​"Well John, people have different priorities. Some are here to drive historical tanks and have fun, others for the glorious color coded numbers and other for the relationships and friends they've made. The middle group are the ones who'll say they can't play due to 3.8, they're afraid of having smaller numbers than everyone else and losing the imaginary position they have. They're also the same people who immediately pull stats into any discussion so that they can try to discredit the other side. I will admit I have good stats but I honestly am here for the tanks and fun. Once this game becomes anything other than that I'm out , but until then I'm here to stay."






boris55555 #7 Posted 24 July 2017 - 10:15 PM

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Give me parts. I'm a one issue voter currently. 


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