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Trying to decide between 3 T8 premiums

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Yogismith1970 #1 Posted 30 July 2017 - 01:38 AM


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FCM 50 t

T26 Pershing.  


Does anyone have all three?  How do they compare other than the obvious medium v. Heavy.  Is the Lowë still the biggest silver printer?


I have the IS-6 and the T34.  

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Gitgudm9 #2 Posted 30 July 2017 - 02:15 AM

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If you already have the IS-6 and the Lowe, I'd suggest the FCM. It's not too shabby a tank, and it offers a different and arguably more interesting playstyle than the other premiums. It also makes great credits from what I can see on blitzstars.

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Dan_Deerso #3 Posted 30 July 2017 - 02:22 AM


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I personally prefer the T26E4 of all of them. Big slabs of spaced armor mean that most people in tier 8 will have no idea how to pen you, assuming you wiggle. It plays more like a heavy than a medium, and its one of the few mediums in the game that can be circled easily. Low acceleration, slow top speed, but lots of armor. Lots of gun depression too, so work that turret.


FCM 50t has very good frontal armor for a medium, and the gun's pretty good, but you have a massive silhouette and the modules are quite fragile. Pretty good mobility, decent gun depression, and decent armor, but it has no truly overwhelming features.


Lowe has a laser gun with amazing accuracy, even on the move. Decent hull armor and very good turret, however it's got a massive weakspot on the front where the hull curves. Extraordinarily sluggish too, don't let the numbers fool you. It may have the same max speed as the T34 but good luck getting there.

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Player_5773117413 #4 Posted 30 July 2017 - 02:42 AM

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Super persh got two big buffs over the course of the past year, the first of which made it good, the second of which made it even better and now a very viable credit printer. Same credit coefficient as the Lowe, in fact. It's labeled as a medium but it has better armor than most heavies at this tier (be wary of the turret, it does have a gaping weakspot) all while retaining some degree of mobility (not very quick but it still hustles faster than an is6 or pretty much any other heavy). On top of that, it now has a fairly good gun, comparable to the 88mm l/71, which is the stock one on the tiger 2/top gun on Panther 2, jagdpanther, tiger 1, tiger p, etc. In short, good all rounder that features pretty good gun depression to boot. But the armor is only good for the front and it's not as fast as the other tier 8 meds.


Lowe has a very high credit coefficient and the whole thing is pretty much centered around the gun. The 105mm cannon has pen nearly equal to that of tier 10 guns, all with pretty good accuracy, gun handling, and a decent reload time. The turret is also rather tough, but while it does have good gun depression it doesn't have excellent gun depression to make the most use of hull down positions. The hull is also kinda weak. It can hold up to smaller caliber rounds but big guns won't struggle too much against it, though the sides are thick as well and sidescraping is an option. The whole thing also moves quicker than you'd expect, but it's not all that fast. In short, capable heavium that fares a bit better as a support tank than a brawler. Don't let the large size fool you too much, its not that heavily armored of a beast but it still caries the weight of one. Properly equipped, this is kinda close to a fully upgraded t32, albeit with some trade offs.


FCM I've had for only a short time and I'll tell you that it's a bit wierd. The thing is big, but it's also kinda fast, at least in a straight line (think ramming). A somewhat tough turret and good gun depression make it suitable for going hull down. The gun is also fairly good, boasting good pen with decent accuracy, gun handling, and rof. The hull has armor, but it's only sometimes reliable. On paper, it seems like a really good tank, but I can't exactly put my finger on where it's flaws are, though experience in battles show that it is lacking somewhere. The big size makes you a big target, and like mentioned before, the hull armor won't protect you from quite a lot. Out of these three tanks, I think my stats are worst in the fcm and I can't figure out why. It was stellar to drive at first but eventually I ran into a bunch of low damage games. Now, it's a coin flip. As far as the fcm goes, I'm guessing you'd treat it like any other medium but be extra careful not to expose too much of yourself and get shot up.


My choice from the three? Id say it's a tough one between the Lowe and super persh, but I'd go with the latter simply because it's a pretty versatile tank, capable of taking on many roles on the fly. Flank with Meds? Brawl with heavies? It can reasonably accommodate to either situation 

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Yogismith1970 #5 Posted 30 July 2017 - 04:51 AM


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Wow thanks for all the input.  Looks like I have some thinking to do. 

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