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Official 4.1 Patch Notes

Official 4.1 Patch Notes

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  • Changes to the graphic interface:
    Markers showing received/blocked damage from a shot or ramming attack will be added to existing hit markers. Penetration or non-penetration will be displayed after the first shot. With every consequent shot, the same marker will be displayed, but the damage next to it will get summed up. If the marker type needs to change (for example, the first shot penetrates and the second does not), the previous damage will disappear and a new marker will be displayed. If hits were delivered by different players, they will be displayed next to each other in the appropriate places.
  • A new marker type—ray markers—was added to the game. They will be enabled by default for all players after the update. For your convenience, we implemented the ability to switch between the old and new markers from the Settings.
  • The list of damaged modules over enemy vehicles will also show injured crew members.
  • A platoon-mate marker was added to the game. While your platoon-mate is in battle, but outside your field of view, an arrow will show you their position (the size of the marker depends on the distance to your platoon-mate—the closer they are, the bigger the marker). If a player or their platoon-mate deal damage to an enemy, it will be highlighted with the platoon color (orange). If another team member hits an enemy that has already been hit by the player or their platoon-mate, the damage inflicted will be highlighted red and won't be summed up with the "orange" damage.

  • New Camouflages were added:
    Two rare Camouflages available for all vehicle types: Missile Arsenal and Missile Salvo.
    Hammer Blow for FV215b 183. It changes the vehicle name in battle to FV215b 183 Hammer.
    Tireless Soldier for Т57 Heavy Tank. It changes the tank name in battle to Tireless T57 Heavy.
    Stalwart Fighter for E 100. It changes the tank name in battle to E-100 Stalwart.
    Strike Terror for Object 140. It changes the tank name in battle to Object 140 Terror.



  • The matchmaker for rating battles was improved. Now the matchmaker will try to sort a player that has just entered the queue with a minimal dispersion. The dispersion increases with the waiting time. As a result, we will keep the average waiting time as short as possible, while the maximum waiting time will be less than 3 minutes and average dispersion will be approximately two times less than at the current settings.    


  • Missions will be updated in Update 4.1. The old missions will be replaced with the updated ones after the Update is released. New missions are split into two groups by tiers: Tiers I to IV and Tiers V to X. They can be completed at any of the specified Tiers.
  • The following mission types were removed:
    Capture a neutral base in the Supremacy mode.
    Take away 60 victory points from the enemy team in a battle when playing in the Supremacy mode.
    Capture at least two bases in a battle in the Supremacy mode.
    Destroy two enemy light tanks.
    Spot and keep in your field of view the enemies, upon which your allies inflict 100 points of damage in a battle.
    Perform a series of two shots, destroying two enemy vehicles in a row.
    Destroy an enemy by causing their ammo rack to explode.
    Set an enemy vehicle on fire.
    Inflict % damage to a Tier % vehicle in a battle.
  • Clan and player profiles were updated. Now you can go directly to the list of past, current, or future tournaments of a clan or player from there.
  • Players will be able to send requests to join a team directly from the team profile.


  • Fixed the incorrect display of the tournaments list when switching between them too quickly.
  • Fixed an error in the PC version, which sometimes caused a vehicle turret to rotate when waiting for players before the beginning of a battle.
  • Fixed an error causing the button for Ticket contribution to be unavailable when viewing the profile of another team.
  • Removed an unnecessary line showing the T28 HTC turret protection, because this vehicle does not have a rotating turret.
  • Fixed an error that caused the FV215b vehicle to not become highlighted when you aim at the lower part of its turret.
  • Improved Ventilation was replaced with Gun Rammer for the M3 Light tank.
  • Fixed the collision model of the T110E5 tank.
  • Fixed an error causing a long clan name to be displayed incorrectly in its profile.
  • Fixed an error causing locked equipment slots to appear unlocked.
  • Fixed the reticule twitching in the first-person spectator mode.
  • Fixed an error causing the countdown timer to sound throughout an entire battle in tournaments and training rooms (after the countdown before a battle).
  • Fixed writing off and compensation of the currencies from the Goose Tales event. The price of the currency writing off: Pins: 1,734 Credits Twin Pins: 2,667 Credits
  • Added the ability to set maximum graphics quality for the iPad Pro 2nd generation.
  • The HESH-T L-37 shell for the 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 gun installed in the Centurion Mk7/1 and FV4202 was replaced with a Premium HE-shell HESH-T L-37. Changed the shell price in Gold (10 Gold). The shell penetration increased to 210 mm.
  • Fixed the texts for various notifications and descriptions in the game.
  • Improved various screens.
  • Fixed general errors and game client crashes.

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