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A good TD for practice?

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View Postoutersketcher, on 10 May 2018 - 07:40 PM, said:

Russian TDs usually have good armor.. and guns with lotsa punch. But their aiming reticle takes forever to shrink and even if you aim.. they are notorious for sending your round flying off somewhere OTHER then within your shrunken reticle.


Brittish TDs.. have fantastic armor.. and really good reload times. You can easily permatrack other tanks.. rendering them helpless to your team mates fire. But they are really, really, slow.


American TDs... are my favorite line.. a little of everything. (T82, T40, T67, AT 25T, Hellcat, wolverine and jackson are all excellent)


German TDs.. have a lot of low slung, prowlers with laserbeam accurate guns. I LOVE the German TDS for their ability to am and shoot and HIT the target!! Even when you are across the map. (e25, hetzer, stug, Jg Pz. IV.) There are some higher profile German TDS with godlike guns.. but they require some real understanding of camo and how to not be seen to be used effectively


Ohh and finally.. the better you know the map. The better you will do in your TD.

 I agree with everything u just said

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