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Tankenstein VS WH40k tanks

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TengenToppaPotatoLagann #1 Posted 30 October 2017 - 10:15 AM

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im actually leaning towards the tankenstein. 


the su-152 and i never got along, and i expect a bit less from the vindicator... and while i am a fan of autoloaders, the rest of the other tank seems questionable.


so i guess, tankenstein owners, why don't y'all drive yours more often? does it just troll you constantly? are the earnings decent? different with each gun? which gun tho? hows the armor most games?


this is important... i mean, the tank has flames. 

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Everything you need to learn from on the forum is already written down eons ago. What's left is a scattering of woe me hobos and wannabe Unis like me. Just do a search on the search bar, and soak up the knowledge from legends who have since moved on to Valhalla. All we can offer you is distilled regurgitation, or worse, incorrect advice.

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WipWapJaws #2 Posted 30 October 2017 - 10:44 AM

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its just not that good.  Its slow, got some major weak spots, the gun (both of them) is slow and trollish and can be COD'd by everything.  To be honest if I see one on red I think he cant be a good players as I have not seen a good play drive one in a looooong time

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Tomio_Hara #3 Posted 30 October 2017 - 01:02 PM

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Wargaming's fake tanks are either underpowered (Vindicator, Tankenstine) or overpowered (Lupus, IS-3D, Dracula [debatable])


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Hensonme2_0 #4 Posted 29 November 2017 - 02:50 AM


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I'd say the Vidicator is fun to play, but it highly situational. Certain maps, and you just can't do anything. It has a large profile, the spaced armor looks good at first, but doesn't cover any of the top of the vehicle when you look at it head on. It has no gun depression as far as I can tell, so give up on peek a boom. The alpha is amazing though. Probably the best I have seen in relation to tier. The down side is it only has explosive type rounds. Two types of Heat and He, which means you can't hit someone hiding behind a wall/sandbags/barrel/etc. That is my biggest issue. If they would give it some gun depression, not a lot, just enough so you don't have to fully crest a hill (or even sometimes drive down onto the other side), I'd believe it would be much more popular. Or remove a heat slot and give it ap or Apr so it can pen those pesky little bits of scenery that sprinkle most maps.

The predator also suffers from the lack of gun depression. The armor looks good at first, but the heavy bolter sponsons count as part of the hull, and have zero armor value from what I can tell (hit one in the left hb with he in a vindicator, and did over 800 damage), so it is very easy to damage. Not a good tank in my opinion. Reload is fast, damage is decent, and pen is alright, but I find it difficult to actually hit a weak point due to the lack of gun depression.

Both are decent for fighting tier 6, but 8 will massacre me most of the time. I forgot to mention Vindicator is extremely slow with limited transverse, so a medium will own you if you don't have support from a team mate.

My overall opinion is;

Vindicator could be amazing if it received a mobility boost, a solid shot ammunition, or gun depression. But that might push it into the overpowered category because of its such high alpha. 900 on He is no joke. Which is what I mostly shoot.

Predator I have not played enough to give an in-depth review of, but my few impressions are that it is lack luster. There are other tanks that do what it does, but better.

I don't have Tankenstien, but it looks to be a more well rounded tank, but it has been out for years, so I doubt it has that appeal that new tanks have.

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