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Rev_ianc_bell #21 Posted 03 November 2017 - 05:05 PM

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View Post__Seal__, on 02 November 2017 - 07:16 PM, said:


Any advice on the 122-44? I'm not performing like I would. I don't have much experience playing tanks like it, I bought it as a trainer for the 263 line which I'm occasionally grinding.


It's not a sniper, it's basically a medium tank that only shoots forwards so I tend to play it like a 2nd line support medium and follow the meds if they split off. Can be used for brawling rushes at isolated tanks or pairs, if you're in a platoon of em

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Boomer625 #22 Posted 28 November 2018 - 07:02 PM

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View Postchristian1470, on 02 November 2017 - 01:58 PM, said:

Ms-1. People seem to think it's a great tank, but I fail to see the allure. Also, the t-34 never worked as well for me as it seems to work for others. By 6, the mediums really start to come on strong. 

 I can agree with the SU-76. It's a tank that is better left alone until a certain level of experience is gained, but does well in the right hands. 


i do agree that i prefer 160 alpha guns with longer reload. The t34 only works for me in close range combact.

Oicraftian #23 Posted 19 January 2019 - 06:34 PM

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Nerfed to [edited]




T-54 is merely average-below average. T-44 was a weak tier 8 when first added and it turns out 5 years of powercreep without being buffed [edited]hurts.


T-62A same problem


Let's see what else...


MT-25 is still trash. 57mm is not a better option if you want to target a viable tier 6 average (~1800), tank is too slow to use 45mm, 45mm takes too long to mag dump.


SU-100M1 loses credits faster than some tier 9's?


SU-100, totally out of date


SU-85, got screwed by the alpha damage difference in Blitz & PC. Then it truly died when low tiers got more HP and it's 85mm's alpha didn't mean much anymore anyway.


Let's see what else...


So, summary, underperforming:


SU-101 (super duper trash)

SU-122-54 (still cannot flex for it's life)

SU-100M1 (credit bleed only)

T-44 (gun sucks now)





Why is T-62A under performing?


Everyone says 'omg it has such acc' and somehow that must translate to a tank being good. No, it's really just useless 9.9/10. This is why it does not get played competitively.

It is just a worse 140 ever since the change, and it was lowkey the same way before. It's just that now, the 62A builds either armor to bounce a medium, or health to last 1 more shot. Both of them basically gave up on turret armor, and you should too. 


62A didn't need the useless add on accuracy. Leopard was, and still is, beating it senseless in long ranged battle. With more than 10% increase alpha, and similar ROF, particularly if the 62A wants to catch up in pen. Otherwise, 62A moves to being too slow and inflexible.

Also apparently Leo has top tier camo to boot.


Anyway, buffing the accuracy to improve the 62A is like buffing the engine health on a heavy tank to stop it being circled. It's going to help... Someday. You just have to wait long enough with your [edited] being shot.

Keep buffing acc is stupid. How does it make it OP? It still needs a buff, and the stats bear out the truth.

Also, 245 pen is basically minimum to be useable at all. So stop whining.

Edited by Oicraftian, 19 January 2019 - 07:03 PM.

65% scrublord

Remember only tier 8/9/10 stats mean anything

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