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PrinceoftheAirJr #141 Posted 12 June 2016 - 08:09 PM


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wthis up with the disappearing tanks?!?!?! I mean, I'm firing at a tank and it disappears, or back-up to reload and come back to fire on a tank that I was shooting at and it's not there, then suddenly it reappears and blasts me?!?! That's totally bogus.... 

Lincoln_Lagers #142 Posted 25 June 2016 - 12:03 AM


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View Post_Irregular_Apocalypse_, on 20 December 2014 - 12:42 AM, said:

Life is strange. . .I hope a lot of people read this response to Ats1080's amazing tactics thread, because it reflects on what kind of person he is. . .

Have you ever really sat and tried to imagine how crazy it is that there are 13 other human beings "in" all those other tanks as the battle counts down?

I often try to picture everyone--what they are doing, etc. I wonder if the reds are going to work together, wander if my allies will all wander off and who do I try to run after and help. I do a lot of wondering, maybe too much. But as I now have played 1,000 games, I realize how handicapped I am. I am a 39 year old who has never gamed before--my hand eye coordination needs work, a lot of work. But the importance of this tactics thread--the understanding that there needs to be a tactics thread--can not be stressed enough for any player on any level. I feel anyone can improve themselves if they try to learn from their mistakes and study and practice. I played a lot of chess my entire life and as I have said before, online chess was the only online "gaming" I have done. Games always bored me, seemed pointless. I would download a game for my phone and play it a few times then delete it. I played Infinity Blade for a small run, but grew bored. But I hope you Unicorns and Great Tankers know you have mastered a game that is FAR more challenging then chess. Chess is plodding, chess is methodical and if you have only played casually and we sit down and I open with the Alekhine Defence or better yet, the Stonewall Attack you will lose very quickly. Chess is solving a complex math problem, this game is solving complex math problem as a team, as your house is burning down and a cat is clawing the back of your neck. The fact that a lot of you seemingly play with ease always amazes me. . .


So I am at the office. I work in sales--which means I have a lot of free time. Our network is slow and taxed (we are a small audio/video custom install company) and I usually don't have the chance (too many eyes) or know the lag will be too horrible to play here. . .but I also know my first gen ipad mini is part of the problem and home wifi is not that much better. I have become addicted to this game. Until I have robust wifi and the latest ipad, the lag will be what it will be. . .anyway, I get a platoon request from ats1080.


I have no shame, this is why I am in sales. I don't care if it sounds stupid, or not cool--we are spending more of our lives online and in life I am just an open, "this is me" kind of guy--but I got very nervous. Really nervous seeing the toon request. Why? Because all of you master tankers are very intimidating. Every post I make the thought is," why would any of these people care what I have to contribute? I am a below average tanker, noob with not great wifi and device, so what does it matter what I think? But I learn so much from all of you and also am learning that it is one thing to know what tactics to use and another to be able to be cool headed enough to employ them during the game. I also did not want to let him down, or hurt his win rate. Worried that I would be so bad he would mock me. . .again, this is what I thought and I would be lying if I said otherwise. I just wanted to be in a game where I could learn from him and maybe be able to help contribute to a win.


Well, I shi* the bed.


Did not help that I just got a M3 Lee (I want to grind to tier up to the M4) and seemingly play it as if I am a blind two year old. The last few days have just been bad in that tank and it seems that it really messes with me and effects how I play in other tanks. I also am running the fully upgraded KV-1s and manage to suck less in that wonderful beast. What kills me is the match making. But I prefer it in an odd way, I think it makes you better to play with superior tankers. It is easier to run a Tier III or a Tier V, tiers I am used too-- but if you're comfortable, you are not learning. We end up on Falls Creek--I am in the KV-1s and he is in a medium. I Look down in horror and see ping at 240 with a high 30 FPS. Ok, work with it, you should be used to this by now. I follow his advice and try to follow and support--battle for the bridge. The reds are in full force and like a fool I try to hit a target with my 122 and start getting obliterated. I have played this scenario before--used the building to sidescrape--but here I am offering this giant target for everyone. Ats is behind the rock and working beautifully and I die right away. I felt horrible.


There are no excuses. Cool heads prevail and nervous players are dead players. 


We chat a bit, I explain I am at work (again, excuses. . .I am sure a lot of you have same issues and still play well) and maybe we can play again later? MM is BRUTAL for Tier VI and that is my highest Tier. He is a saint and asks if I want to toon one more game? Yes! Maybe MM will be more forgiving, maybe I will get a green ping and it will stay solid. . .maybe. . .


. . .not.


Oasis Palms. I spawn town, he is desert. I try to get out there as fast as I can. I have upgraded engine, pretty quick. I should have stayed low and let the dunes block me (as I have done before, again. . .nervous). Need I finish? Smoking ruin and I am crushed. I feel horrible.


I still do. But I needed to type this and share with the community. I am one of those players that tankers of ats1080's caliber roll and destroy. I do not have great stats. I am trying, but what defines a great player? Consistency. This is why their win rate is above the mean. It was great--strange, no? It was great because it showed me how much there is still to learn. A lot of you would never toon with someone like me. I am beneath you and can only hurt you chances for another win. But Ats was not like that. Even if this is the only time someone on his level toons with me, it was a great learning experience. He also gave me pointers in chat and didn't say I was horrible when I was. Thanks Ats1080! It felt like I was a teenager plucking away on a guitar I got for xmas when a flash of light lit my room and from a cosmic doorway, out walks Jimi Hendrix. He nods and says, "Hey man, want to jam?"


tl;dr: got the chance to toon with Ats1080, failed so much was gifted the domains: fail.org and fail.net, but hopefully learned a lot.

Thanks for sharing this story. 


I know now what U mean about the hand/eye coordination. I am 48 years old, and grew up with pong and 8 bit Nintendo, so I'm trying to get this game down. 


I do okay, but I know I am getting smoked by the players in their 20s!

mydogma #143 Posted 28 June 2016 - 11:15 AM


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I found a quick fix for ping. I turn off the wi fi then turn it on. Works for the Samsung I'm playing on 90% of the time the lag is gone .

tlouie #144 Posted 28 June 2016 - 01:02 PM

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View PostWareJC, on 11 June 2016 - 10:23 AM, said:

 here is a true second lieutenant no s*** her. first Gulf War. Pulled the ready maps out of the 105 ammo tube. Laid it out on the  Hood of the Hummvee. Map showed western Saudi AO. My  brande new 2Lt says " Sgt. These maps are wrong! Just wrong!" seeing my wthlook. "Can you not see the did not print very many. Contour lines"  ME.." Thats because it is very [edited]flat Lt.  Now shut up your scaring the men"


LOL!  There should be a subforum devoted to stories like this: "True War Facepalms" .



biscuitflaps #145 Posted 18 July 2016 - 12:39 AM


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So sad that I JUST found this......SO HAPPY I JUST FOUND THIS! +1 o7 and hellsyeah!  I concur 100% with the stuff I knew  (by learning the hard way), and will implement the shortcut text options ASAP. I will send any and all I think need this to the post immediately. 

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