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AWACS Tank Guide: AMX 50 Foch

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EdAWACSdenyY #1 Posted 12 November 2017 - 08:18 PM

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AWACS Tank Guides

AMX 50 Foch: Power Creeped Canon Automoteur?


Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My name is EdAWACSdenyY and today I will be analyzing the AMX 50 Foch. This is the Tier 9 French Turretless Tank Destroyer and a real lean mean French DPM machine! Let’s get a closer look at this French chasseur de char shall we?

http://Posted Image


Background History:


With the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War, France wished to retain its status as a world power by rearming and modernizing the military. The liberated nation would soon have to contend with a bitter conflict in its colony of Algeria and uprisings in Indochina (now Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). In order to once again exert France’s imperial power, the French government supported the development of new weapons or acquire them from abroad. One of the areas they focused on was the development of new armored vehicles. One of these projects was the AMX 50.


The AMX 50 tank was a phenomenal design for the French at the time, sporting a novel oscillating turret with a powerful autoloading 100mm cannon, giving the vehicle unprecedented firepower. In 1950, the AMX company (Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux) also unveiled a prototype heavy tank destroyer based on the AMX 50 chassis designated the Canon Automoteur (Self-Propelled Gun) AMX 50 Foch.


http://Posted Image 


The heavy tank destroyer was named after the famous World War 1 French general Ferdinand Foch and was intended to provide long range fire support for the AMX 50 100 medium/heavy tank. The AMX 50 Foch was armed with a long barreled 120mm AC SA47 cannon fitted with a muzzle brake.


http://Posted Image 


The vehicle drew inspiration from German tank destroyers with the gun mounted at the front of the hull. The frontal glacis plate was heavily armored and steeply sloped which greatly improved protection. A remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun was placed on the right side of the roof, while commander’s cupola with the rangefinder was pushed to the left.


http://Posted Image 


Unlike previous post war concepts like the Mle. 1948, several AMX 50 TDs were built, the first in 1950. Field tests were promising, and army started to prepare to adopt AMX 50 Foch in small numbers. The French were so proud of the AMX 50 Foch that they had one of the prototypes take part in the military parade in Paris on July 14, 1950.


http://Posted Image


When AMX engineers managed to install a 120 mm gun into the oscillating turret of the AMX 50 heavy tank however, the AMX 50 Foch was immediately rendered obsolete and all further development and production were stopped. Like all heavy tank destroyers developed in the West, the AMX 50 Foch was extinct before it could even realize its potential.




Now let us review the vehicle’s advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield in great detail.




Improved Gun Performance: The AMX 50 Foch sports the same gun as the tier 8 AMX AC mle.1948: The 120mm AC SA47. Despite having the same alpha damage and penetration values, the weapon is greatly improved in rate of fire as well as dispersion. With a gun rammer, 100% crew and double rations, the Foch has a rate of fire of 8.69 rounds per minute! This gives the Foch the 4th highest DPM of all tier 9 tank destroyers and allows it to gun down most enemies who sit too long in front of its gun.


http://Posted Image


The penetration of the gun is still viable in Tier 9 and even Tier 10 battles with 260mm of average penetration and 325mm of APCR penetration is more than enough tol butter weakspots with properly aimed shots. The dispersion is also significantly reduced, greatly improving accuracy. Overall the gun performance is greatly improved when compared to its tier 8 predecessor and makes the tank even more enjoyable to play.  


Improved Armor: The AMX 50 Foch also has significantly improved armor thickness when again compared to its predecessor. The frontal armor has been increased from 150mm to 180mm while still retaining the steep sloping angle on the glacis plate allowing it to bounce even more shots than before. Only the high penetration guns of Tier 10 can reliably go through this heavily angled armor. The sides of the tank are also no longer razor thin as before, but are now 50 mm thick, which while still quite poorly protected, is still an improvement. That being said, side-scraping is still ill-advised as tanks at tier 9 sport bigger guns and can still overmatch your sides.


http://Posted Image


Overall the armor scheme of the Foch is still the “All or Nothing” design of the previous tank concentrating all effective armor to the front, but has better all around armor allowing it to potentially, resist more hits.


Increased Hitpoint Pool: Compared to the meager pool of 1100 hit points you received from tier 8 French TD, the Foch has a significantly improved hitpoint pool of 1600 which is a 500 point boost! This greatly increases the durability of your vehicle and allows you to take slightly more punishment before being rendered combat ineffective. This allows you to stay in the fight longer provided you maintain your hitpoints well and not squander them early on.


Mobility: Like its tier 8 predecessor, the Foch retains excellent mobility being one of the fastest Tier 9 tank destroyers. With the top engine fitted, it’s more than capable of reaching a top speed of 50 km/hr and accelerates at a decent rate. This mobility gives the Foch incredible flexibility on the battlefield. The mobility allows the Foch freedom (not afforded to most tank destroyers)  to rapidly change positions on the battlefield, lending fire support where it is most needed. You can either lend your firepower to support the main assault with the heavy tanks or provide an extra punch for medium wolfpacks. The roles a Foch can take on are numerous. But always use that mobility wisely, lest you end up a smoking hulk.


Painless Stock Grind: The Foch has one of least painful grinds of any Tier 9 tank destroyer. The 120mm SA47 cannon is already researched for you on the Foch so you don’t need to unlock the 120mm from the AMX AC mle.1948 to grind the Foch (Though you should still grind the 120mm on the tier 8!). The Tier 9 engine from the AMX AC mle.1948 also carries over and is adequate for stock grinding. This makes the Foch easier to familiarize with than other TDs. The only modules you have to grind are the top engine and suspension.


Removal of Rear AA Turret Weakspot: The biggest and most noticeable difference between the AMX AC mle.1948 and the AMX 50 Foch is that the AMX 50 Foch does away with the unnecessary anti-aircraft turret at the rear of the tank reducing the overall height of the tank and gives your enemies one less weakspot to aim at! With the removal of this vestial turret, the Foch corrects the fatal flaw of its predecessor.


http://Posted Image 




Same old obvious weakspots: Despite the removal of the vestigial anti-aircraft turret, the AMX 50 Foch still retains the same rangefinder and machine gun port. Both of these weakspots are weakly armored and can be easily penetrated by all tanks the AMX 50 Foch has to face. They are so poorly armored that a well aimed high-explosive shell will easily penetrate them and deal full damage. This essentially negates the strong frontal armor the tank destroyer has and cripples its chances of a frontline career.

http://Posted Image 


The placement of these weakspots also makes them impossible to hide and easy targets for enemy guns when this tanks pokes over terrain. This means you must avoid hill fights against any hull-down vehicles as they will easily be able to deal with you thanks to the crippling weak spots. The large exposed weakspots will be the greatest source of frustration and rage for you when playing this tank as you are unable to hide them unless you are not engaging the enemy and forces you to deal with most of your foes at a distance.


Weak and Large side profile: Despite the improvements to the side and rear armor of the AMX 50 Foch, 50mm of side and rear armor is still far too thin especially at Tier 9. This means that every tank that fires at the AMX 50 Foch  side and rear will no doubt penetrate it. Along the sides of the tank is where the fuel tanks and most crucially, the ammunition storage is located meaning a well placed shot into the side of the AMX 50 Foch can either damage the ammo rack or destroy the vehicle in a devastating cookoff.

 http://Posted Image


Also because the side armor is so thin, this makes the tank almost useless to sidescrape in as most tanks can easily overmatch your side armor. This also means you cannot angle your tank too much or again, the enemies can overmatch your thin side armor. Therefore, an experienced AMX 50 Foch driver must always be cautious of his surroundings and never let the enemy get at his sides and rear if he can help it.


Sluggish hull traverse: The biggest and most noticeable flaw of the AMX 50 Foch is the much slower track traverse of the vehicle. It’s much less agile than its predecessor and thus will struggle to deal with flanking medium and light tanks. Therefore, careful attention to your surroundings is paramount.


Narrow Gun Arc: The AMX 50 Foch like its predecessor has an extremely narrow gun arc which means it has a hard time locking onto targets moving perpendicular to its gun. To track a target moving left or right of the tank, the AMX AC mle.1948 has to frequently traverse its chassis which leads to accuracy and dispersion penalties. This means if you are shooting an enemy moving perpendicular of your position, you must pre-aim and lead your shot ahead of time to have any hope of hitting the target consistently.


Poor Gun Depression: The AMX 50 Foch has almost no gun depression at all. This means if you want to shoot something, you must expose the entirety of your vehicle to potential enemy fire. This again encapsulates the all or nothing mindset of the French tank destroyers.


Poor on the move dispersion: As with all French tanks, the AMX 50 Foch has the trademark terrible aim dispersion when moving. This means that you can almost never snapshot in this tank destroyer as the shot will most likely not hit your intended targets because of the huge aim reticule bloom. To insure your shells travel to your desired target, you must allow the gun to fully aim. This can prove disadvantageous for the tank in critical situations where who gets the first shot off matters.

http://Posted Image 


Low Alpha Damage for a Tank Destroyer: At tier 9 the 120mm cannon of the AMX 50 Foch, while adequate for it’s tier, feels somewhat underwhelming, especially when most other tanks at this tier receive similar if not superior guns. The alpha damage of the Foch’s cannon is on average 400 per shot. This is quite low especially for a tank destroyer. This means that the Foch must constantly expose itself to danger in order to fully utilize its impressive damage per minute.


Low Penetration for a Tank Destroyer: The 120mm of the AMX 50 Foch has the 3rd lowest penetration of all the tier 9 tank destroyers above the SU-122 54 and Tortoise. This means the Foch will occasionally struggle to penetrate heavily armored targets, especially tier 10 vehicles. However this isn’t that major a handicap compared to the Foch’s other weaknesses.


Now that we know what's good and bad about this tank, Let's move on shall we to performance and how to effectively operate this tank in battle.


Summary: The AMX 50 Foch is a major improvement over its predecessor, the AMX AC mle.1948. It takes the strong aspects of that tank and improves upon them. Your armor is now thicker and the horrible rear turret weakspot has been removed. Your hit points have also increased considerably. This means you can deflect a few more shots and take a few more penetrating hits. Like the previous tank, the AMX 50 Foch embodies the “All or Nothing” design principle that characterizes the rest of the French tank destroyers. It concentrates all its effective armor at the front and has almost none of the sides and rear.  


These upper tier French tank destroyers reward careful, surgical positioning and punish any mistakes the player makes. The tank isn’t merely “all or nothing” in it’s armor scheme, but also in its playstyle. The tank has zero tolerance for any error, and will only occasionally reward players who skillfully deploy the tank destroyer. It can be a deadly weapon in the right hands like its tier 8 predecessor but unfortunately is still inherits some of the frustrating limitations it’s predecessor faces.


While the Foch has fixed several crucial flaws inherent with the AMX AC mle.1948, it still retains some old weaknesses. The crippling frontal weakspots, the narrow gun arc, trademark French dispersion all of which still negate  the advantages this tank has.


But the biggest upgrade is without a doubt, the 120mm gun. It’s the only gun you can mount on the Foch but is by far one of its strongest aspect. No longer are you shackled by a long reload time. The 120mm SA47 now possesses a murderous rate of fire equal to that of the Tier 9 German Jagdtiger, allowing you to tear asunder any enemy tank foolish enough to sit in front of your cannon. This makes you much better suited at holding a position compared to the AMX AC mle.1948.


The tank still retains the high top speed of its predecessor which allows the Foch to quickly relocate from firing position to firing position. The speed also gives the Foch great flexibility on the battlefield. It can support the heavy’s or it can provide heavy firepower for a medium wolfpack. Deciding where to make your presence felt is crucial to success with the Foch.


With all this being said however, I just feel that this tank has suffered from power-creep as soon as it was released. It’s just feels so….  average. The Foch is placed at Tier 9 where most tanks have similar or superior weapons. The only considerable advantages it has is rate of fire and mobility. Everything this tank does, other tanks can do as well. There’s just a lack of uniqueness for this tank that makes it a rare occurrence on the battlefield. That perhaps one of the biggest grip I have with the Foch. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this tank from start to finish. It’s a challenging and rewarding tank to play and is definitely a vehicle I would recommend highly-skilled players try out.


The role this AMX 50 Foch fulfills on the battlefield is very similar to that of the AMX AC mle. 1948. Like its predecessor, the Foch is also an opportunist, but a partisan rather than an assassin. It’s job is to find a suitable firing position to fire shell after shell into the opposition from a medium range position, and then utilizing its speed, relocate to another suitable fighting position to fire from again.


Overall, the AMX 50 Foch is a much improved version of the AMX AC mle.1948 and should be played as such. With proper positioning, good map awareness and well-honed mechnical skills the Foch will prove a deadly opponent to deal with. However, nothing will prepare you for the Foch 155 at tier 10 which is altogether a different beast to contend with.

Now without further ado, here are some tips and tricks you can use.


Always have backup and hang back: Never rush out in a tank destroyer! Most enemies dread taking fire from tank destroyers as they know the devastation these vehicles can inflict. Sure your armour is good, but it isn't impervious to harm. As soon as you're spotted by the enemy, you become the priority target for most of the enemy tanks and before you know it your tank is a smouldering wreck. Best let the other tanks on your team spot the enemy first and absorb the damage for you as you have limited hit points to spare. Let the heavy tanks and mediums spot the enemy for you so you can send a heavy reply back to the enemy. Always travel with others so they can watch your back, give you covering fire, and divert the enemy's attention from being all focused on YOU. Even when you do have to lead the charge, have back up is crucial not just to survival of your tank, but to potential victory.


However with the way matchmaking works these days, you will on occasion be the top tier tank. However that does not mean you have to charge into the fray. You will not last very long if you try to do that. The AMX 50 Foch simply doesn’t have the durability to survive prolonged frontline engagements. But simply adopting a passive tactic of sniping from range will not help your team either. The trick is in balance. If you are not quite familiar with the tank, it's best you accompany your team and let your other tanks detect and report enemy tank positions for you. You can than fire on these targets while they are (hopefully) distracted by other matters. Staying with your team is in most cases is your best chance of survival and you need to survive in order to help your team. Use your allies as meat shields as you cannot afford to take many hits. Always have back-up whenever possible.


Wiggling: If you are faced with a head on confrontation with an enemy tank with little hope of escape, wiggle the tank back and forth back and forth constantly until they fire. The wiggling action will make it difficult for the enemies to properly aim for your weakspots and constantly change the angles of your armour. With a bit of luck, the enemy's shell will bounce or hit a track dealing no damage and allow you to retaliate. However keep in mind not to wiggle too widely as this will expose your paper-thin sides to the enemy and allow them to overmatch with their guns.


Relocate: If you are stuck in a bad position, where you cannot effectively deploy your firepower without taking heavy damage, dealing with enemies who are hull-down or you’re reloading and need to find a safe place, use your excellent mobility to find a more advantageous position. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hold a position. That is not your job, leave that to other tanks.


Sniping: Another tactic you should employ when possible in the AMX 50 Foch. Find a suitable vantage spot usually a place you can retreat into cover, and with avenues of fire which you can fire on should any tank stray through and fire on enemies who get detected by your team-mates from medium to long range. This strategy has the benefit of potentially allowing you to deal damage to the enemy without them noticing your location easily and putting you generally out of harm's way. The disadvantage of this strategy is that at such long range, your shots have a higher probability of missing their mark given the guns long aiming speed as well as dispersion while moving, and aiming for weakspots becomes more difficult with range.


AWACS Provisions:


Hot Coffee: Gives 10% boost to crew mastery which helps cut-down on your gun’s long reload time and improves your vehicle's other characteristics


Canned Pate: Gives 3% boost to crew mastery, same reason to use as with the hot coffee.


Improved Fuel: Gives a 10% boost to engine power and hull traverse. I personally prefer this provision as I feel that in this tank, speed and mobility is a priority worth augmenting.


Protective Kit: If you are concerned about taking constant module damage, this provision will be a good idea to acquire. It increases by 15% the protection of the crew from injuries, +10%´module repair speed, +20% damage protection in case of damaged engine and +10% ammo rack and fuel tank durability. Will be great if you constantly are getting hit.


AWACS Equipment:


Tier 1 Equipment:


Gun Rammer: The 120mm gun already has plenty of penetration for Tier 9 so there is no need to use calibrated shells on the tank. A gun rammer is much more beneficial as it helps decrease the reload of the gun by 7%, boosting the tanks respectable DPM. But if you want a little bit more penetration power for your shells and less usage of premium ammunition, calibrated shells won’t be that bad a choice since it raises your standard shell penetration to 273 mm at the cost of lower DPM.


Protected Modules/Enhanced Cabin: Honestly, for this slot, you can pick and choose for yourself depending on preference over module protection, or crew protection. I personally choose Protected Modules since this reduces the chances of ammo rack explosion and getting set on fire which are much more deadly than a dead crewmember whom you can revive with a multipack or first-aid kit.


Coated Optics: I prefer Coated Optics as opposed to Camo Net, since Coated Optics does not need to be activated and can give you 10% bonus view range which is essential for spotting enemies for you to engage at medium to long range. Because the camo values of this tank is average, the gun arc so narrow and you will most likely be moving the vehicle around a lot and also firing a lot; there won’t have many chances to even activate your camo net which requires the vehicle to remain stationary for a period of time. The Coated Optics just seem like the better choice.


Tier 2 Equipment:


Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive: I feel the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive is another critical piece of equipment for the AMX 50 Foch as it will help speed up that typically slow French aim time which means you have to spend less time out exposed to take a shot. The Supercharge module is tempting but doesn’t really help as much since your gun already has fairly high shell velocity. What’s more important is to lower the time you have to spend aiming your shots.


Improved Assembly: You already have decent frontal armor to work with so Enhanced Armor isn’t really worthwhile, as it only gives +5% armor boost and that won’t solve the issue of your obvious weakspots and paper thin sides. What you need more of, is HP as you have very limited hitpoints and the Improved Assembly module will help a bit to insure you can take a hit more than you normally would. More hitpoints could be the difference between surviving to finish off an enemy, or ending up as a smoking wreck.


Improved Control: The reason I feel that taking the Improved Control equipment is better than the Engine Accelerator, is firstly, you're a turretless tank destroyer and that means you have to traverse the hull to train your gun on target. Your mobility is already stellar at 50km/hr and you were never really meant to be serving front-line duty so +7% reaching your top speed is not essential when you will be playing second-backline support roles.The Improved Control is so much more important as that extra +7% to traverse speed can allow you to engage targets

faster and also mean the difference between life and death if your are being circled or flanked by a fast enemy tank.


Tier 3 Equipment:


Vertical Stabilizer: The Vertical Stabilizer is a must have for this tank as it will allow you to mitigate some of the issues of accuracy caused by your narrow gun arc and the need to frequently traverse your hull to aim the gun. Essentially it will insure not only a decrease in the gun’s aim time but also insure greater accuracy and higher chances of hitting your target when moving. It’s excellent for mitigating the dispersion and accuracy penalties you incur when traversing your hull to aim the gun. Refined Gun can help mitigate some of the weapon’s dispersion but only by 5% and it doesn’t offer the bonuses Vertical Stabilizer does of reducing aim-time.


Enhanced Tracks: Enhanced Tracks are perhaps more important than the toolbox as it allows more durability to your tank's suspension but it also automatically REPAIRS your tank's tracks if they are broken. This is key for a turretless tank destroyer with a limited firing arc and will allow you to survive getting tracked and pull back or deal with a flanking fast tank without needing to use a repair kit to mend the tracks. The Toolbox’s 25% module repair speed is pointless when you can simply carry a multi-pack and a repair kit that will instantly fix all modules.


Consumable Delivery System/High-end Consumable (OPTIONAL): Honestly for this last equipment slot you can pick whichever equipment you like more. Faster consumable cooldowns or longer consumable effects. This last equipment slot is optional so you can skip it and save your spare parts if you so wish.





I hope you guys found this guide helpful, and hopefully allowed those of you who struggled with this tank to now find it somewhat bearable at the very least. If you feel that there were any parts to this guide which were inadequately explained, or there were some areas I left out. Please let me know and I will try my best to rectify.


Thanks for reading AWACS Tank Guides and I will see you on the battlefield.

Proud owner of Her Majesty's MBT the Centurion Mk 7/1

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Rayray4141 #2 Posted 12 November 2017 - 08:43 PM


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+1, however i still won't go down the french TD line

acrisis #3 Posted 12 November 2017 - 09:36 PM


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Absolutely fabulous and detailed guide! 


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Holy_Outlaw #4 Posted 12 November 2017 - 10:23 PM

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Excellent guide! Very detailed and helpful. Great instructional value and info. I hope you make more in the future! :great:

BlackDogD #5 Posted 12 November 2017 - 10:37 PM

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Phenomenal guide as always AWACS! Keep 'em coming!

ShootinSabot #6 Posted 12 November 2017 - 10:47 PM

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Good guide AWACS. Thanks


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Blartch #7 Posted 12 November 2017 - 10:55 PM

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I may not agree with everything you say (I think it's Foching awesome) but I will endorse forever the style, conciseness, and depth of content with which you say it

EdAWACSdenyY #8 Posted 12 November 2017 - 11:16 PM

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View PostBlartch, on 12 November 2017 - 03:55 PM, said:

I may not agree with everything you say (I think it's Foching awesome) but I will endorse forever the style, conciseness, and depth of content with which you say it


That is praise of the highest order coming from you bretheren.

Proud owner of Her Majesty's MBT the Centurion Mk 7/1

Armed with the Royal Ordnance 105 mm L7A1 Gun


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