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Shattered Ice

Short Story

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Saksham_Limbu #1 Posted 14 November 2017 - 08:50 PM


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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and made purely for entertainment purposes. 


Commander/ gunner: Rakov  Vadimovich , radio operator: Dmitri  Gaspar  ,Driver: Victor Marka ,Loader: Mikhail Ilyich 


"Comrades! message from the higher ups" Dmitri  said waving a piece of paper in the air. Rakov stood up with an irritated look on his face "Dmitri! keep it down! you're too noisy!" he said taking the paper from Dmitri's hand. "Good news comrades they have shipped us our own tank and expect us to be ready for deployment in two months" Rakov said after reading the paper "What's this? The generals have finally noticed our skills as a tank crew" Mikhail said upon hearing the news "Mikhail I hope you have polished your loader training skills, the paper said our tank is arriving tomorrow" Rakov said ignoring the celebrating Dmitri who was also helping himself to whatever was left in one of the vodka bottles. "Mikhail where is comrade Marka?" Rakov asked "My best guess is he's sleeping somewhere doesn't matter what he sleeps on if he can fit in it then he will sleep in it, that man is always sleeping" Mikhail answered while helping himself to a bottle of vodka too "stop drinking! You two have already finished  two supplies of vodka before" Rakov said snatching the bottle from both of them. 


"What is this!" 

"It's a pile of s h i t!" 

Dmitri and Mikhail both said in unison "Dmitri! Mikhail! This is what the workers in the factories have built and this is what the high ups have gave us , unless you both want time in the gulag I advice both you to keep your mouths shut!" Rakov barked at both of them. "Rakov I thought our tank was going to be stronk T-34? What is this then?" Mikhail asked "Fascist dogs have already attacked us so the high ups have ordered all T-34's that are  currently available to the front and the reserves have been given to us in case we are needed" Rakov answered as he looked to his left and saw Marka walking towards him. "You finally awake and ready to join us Victor?" he asked "sleep is important Rakov, a tired soldier is a dead soldier" Victor answered before turning his attention to the tank "the camo is ugly what were the workers doing when applying the paint?" Victor said questioning the choice of camo. "Enough of this talk get in and we'll start a test run I want to see if she's fit enough for combat" Rakov ordered as he opened the hatch and jumped in. 


Rakov got out of the tank and began his long walk back to his tent "Rakov Vadimovich!" Nikolai Yanovna called out as he jogged towards him "how's the tank?" he asked Rakov thought for a second "not as good as I want it to be but it will have to do besides I have to deal with two idiots and the only one I can trust in that tank is Victor, his driving skills are excellent" Rakov answered as Nikolai laughed "give those two some time and soon enough you'll be glad to call them brothers" he replied as a loud bang followed by an explosion disrupting the evening silence. Rakov looked back towards the tank and saw Dmitri's head pop out of the turret, he spotted Rakov and immediately jumped out of the tank "cyka! Dmitri! What have I told you! Do not touch the trigger and why was a shell loaded anyway!" Rakov said furiously as he sprinted after Dmitri.


Just got an A-32 on my Asia account form a container and have no idea if it is a good tank or not so I invested some credits in getting calibrated shells just to help it a little bit.



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WizoGT379 #2 Posted 14 November 2017 - 10:57 PM

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thata funny

I’m sampling the retiree life, of Blitz, not sure if I’ll be returning, but thanks for all of your advice and fun.


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