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Upcoming balance adjustments

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I don't understand the point of posting tank performance stats when clearly balances in upcoming updates are doing nothing to address the apparent underperformance of certain tanks. Examples: T54E1, Leo PTA, Centurion I, Pershing, T69, Indien Pz. These tanks have been CONSISTENTLY at the lower end in terms of performance since Update 6.3 according to these stat charts; I even think that they performed poorly even before that but I'm too lazy to check so I stopped at 6.3. Yet you do not see any significant buffs or the necessary changes that need to be given to these tanks.


Blitzhangar says that in Update 7.9, the T54E1 is getting an ammunition buff from 45 rounds to an astonishing 48 rounds. This tank has poor armor, average mobility, no HE-rounds and is somewhat large. Clearly the main issue with this tank is its ammo capacity. 

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