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Blitz Fair is Back!

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Sturmgeschutz1 #361 Posted 18 January 2018 - 10:10 PM

    Jagd mich nicht!!

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As a Clan Lead I’ve had guys asked what happens to the super prize points and left over tickets that can’t be used? The charms / horseshoes still shows in others from the pz70 rig ( abbreviated) and no one wants to invest their funds into a scarce lottery of nothingness. Won some tickets , won an M-3 Light Tier III tbat never appeared in the garage. Sent a support ticket up and they asked for a screen shot! No integrity. !! Winter fair should be called winter nair because everything just evaporated from mission winnings and phony flags. The lottery tanks.. OMG yeah let’s go there. 50 gold one ticket x 2340 tickets ... hundreds for one tank!! In other gaming arenas this is known as “Ticket Scalping”..!! Unbelievable. Then the tickets I earned in missions and played in chest ALWAYS prioritized accumulation points to communist tanks! News Flash... some of us don’t want em, some of us despise em, and despise anything Eastern Bloc! Makes me sick. Let’s see where the leftover tickets and super prize points go. I just wonder if they’ll evaporate too!!

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