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The 183....

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chessplayer64 #21 Posted 24 July 2018 - 03:02 AM


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I'm fine with it, it's a big, unarmored, target that every one shoots and is too slow to reach cover, really, u can't downgrade it without destroying it, also, let's compare, 183 hits for a 1000, but it has only 1800 hp, e100 hits for 600 with 2300 hp, and jpze100 hits for 800 with 2000 hp, 183 damage/hp is not that much higher, especially when you consider that both e100s have tons of armor and faster reload. Its hesh is memorable, but if you take that away what will be memorable in the 183? Nothing, and don't forget that why the 183 gets bade rap for getting a single hit in the 1300-1400s, it has no speed, armor, or efficiently to back it and any tank will do that in the time a 183 fires and reloads, except other tanks will have speed, armor, or something else as well. So no, the 183 is not op, u just don't forget or forgive when you get hit, what I do really dislike though, is when there are 3 or more powerful tds, it should be limited to 2 powerful tds.


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