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To Be Or Not To Be...

American Pershing M46 patton m48 patton pershing fatton tier 8 tier 9 tier 10 continue up the line?

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fluffyteddy763 #1 Posted 05 February 2018 - 03:44 AM

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Hello guys, gals, and my furry little pals! :)

Let me tell you a story. Come on, sit down- I don't bite :trollface:! (I think:sceptic:)

Once upon a time, yours truly was grinding his way to the Fatton. A friend came along, and told this esteemed young gentlemen who went by the smexy name of "fluffyteddy763" that he would hate the T20- however, much to his pleasant surprise, good ole' fluffy found himself clicking with the tank. 

Aaaaand then he made it to the Pershing. Once again, that same friend told him that he would hate that tank too. Our gallant hero disagreed, thinking that, just like the T20, the situation would repeat itself. But he didn't like the Pershing at all.

As a matter of fact- I still don't. Even maxed out, it's got sluggish mobility, poor penetration values, and a suicidal driver who seems to love sticking his/her head in front of incoming bullets once every other game. Now that I've griped about the poor aspects of the tank, let's look at the overall high tier meta- CampyMcCamperson! Tier IX and X are currently suffering from an outbreak of Deathstarus Plageus. With the great Medium nerf of 3.6, I really don't know if I should continue grinding up the line to the M48. I've read some old threads about how the M46 was a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the Pershing, and the Fatton an even better improvement from the M46, but, well- they're old threads, and I'm not sure they apply in today's meta. The Fatton was originally going to be my first Tier X, but now I'm not even sure if it's worth continuing the grind from the Pershing to the M48.

So, leave your thoughts. Is the M48 Patton line still worth it? Or am I better off grinding other lines, especially with that horrific plague circulating around the high tiers?


Thanks as always, and remember to always wash your hands after doing the business to prevent catching Deathstarus Plageus!


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Aeth_ #2 Posted 05 February 2018 - 04:04 AM


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I find myself in the same predicament. I’ve ruined the Pershing’s stats at 48% and 1050 average damage, leaving the question of whether or not to continue.


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Frostbaka #3 Posted 05 February 2018 - 05:39 AM

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The M48 Patton is a very good medium for a few reasons. Now I admit, the Pershing is probably the worst tank in that line. The T20 at least gets a 90mm at tier 7, which is pretty cool. You can at least play peek a boom and it has mobility. of course, the Easy 8 is amazing, one of the only tanks I was able to achieve Super Unicum as a 52% mouth breather. Anyway, The M46 Patton at least has a touch of armor and plays as a slower Leopard PTA. 


Now, back to the M48. It has a very solid turret and is hard for even tank destroyers to pen frontally. It also has good gun depression. This means you can pull of a lot of shots that will piss off reds. I personally hate seeing enemy Fattons pointing their gun at me, because most of the time, I can't pen them back, if they're playing the tank properly. 


In summary, I would encourage you to grind through and get the Fatton. It's worth it.


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