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I may be crazy but the upper plates on the is7 may need to be buffed a bit

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View PostXm_riX, on 13 February 2018 - 06:59 PM, said:

You all have no semblance of how to balance. Clearly you wish to break the game further with these proposed changes.

I have studied the stats of the IS7 and how they perform in game.


I propose the following changes to the IS7, the most underpowered tank in the game with average winrate of 30% according to the API:

200*/s track and turret traverse

420mm pen AP standard round, 1000 alpha

500mm pen APCR gold round, 980 alpha

300mm pen HE, 2000 alpha

10 rounds a minute

0.001 dispersion at 1000m

2s aimtime

Top speed of 200km/h

Reduce HP to 1500HP

100mm spaced armour plates on the front, sides and back

Rebalanced armour values of 400mm on front, sides and back

20* of gun depression



You joke, but it has the lowest avg dmg per game and kills per game for a tier 10 heavy. It's almost at the bottom for avg win rate with the T57 heavy only 0.04% lower. It has almost the worst DPM of a tier 10 heavy, with only the Maus lower, but it doesn't have near the armor of the Maus (for the 450 extra HP) to make up for that. It also has probably the worst gun handling for a tier 10 heavy.  The IS-4 is better in basically every way except a bit of speed and a bit of alpha (which is made up for by a faster reload).

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