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T-54 Ltwt Guide

T-54 ltwt T-54 Guide Beginner Intermediate Advanced

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Unique_ #1 Posted 19 February 2018 - 01:41 AM

    still not enough battles for a custom forum title

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T-54 Lightweight Guide

The T-54 lightweight is a tier VIII Soviet light tank which combines speed, high alpha damage, armor, and camouflage in a single package. A proposed lightweight version of the T-54 medium tank development was started in May 1949. Compared to its series-produced predecessor, the tank had better performance and maneuverability. Therefore, the tank was planned to replace the T-54 in accomplishing complicated missions. Unfortunately for the Lightweight, the T-54 tank of 1949 was improved and mass produced, and the lightweight version was canceled while still in the design phase.


The T-54 Lightweight lives on in World of Tanks Blitz as a tier VIII light tank, following the LTTB and preceding the T-54 (Tier IX). The Ltwt features a powerful gun and great mobility, leading to some interesting gameplay dynamics. The performance stats (Using the loadout listed below in the table) as of update 4.6 can be found below.


Penetration -- AP 175mm, APCR 235mm, HE 50mm

DPM -- AP 2347, APCR 2011, HE 2933

Alpha Damage -- AP 280, APCR 235, HE 350

Reload -- 7.16 Seconds

Gun Handling

Dispersion -- 0.318

Aim Time -- 1.79 Seconds

Dispersion While Moving -- 0.12

Gun Depression -- 

Mobility, etc.

Top Speed -- 69 kph

Traverse Before Modifications -- 45°

HP/Ton Ratio -- 25.38

View Range -- 290 Meters



Tier I Tier II Tier III
Gun Rammer Gun Laying Drive Refined Gun
Defense System Improved Assembly Toolbox
Improved Optics Improved Control Consumable Delivery


Consumables Provisions Ammunition
Small Repair Kit Condensed Milk AP - 20 rounds
Adrenaline Extra Combat Rations APCR - 10 rounds
Restoration Pack Improved Fuel HE - 4 rounds


The T-54 Ltwt has a wide range of combat roles and dynamics created by it's punchy gun, great mobility, a low detection range, and turret armor which is on par with most tier VIII medium tanks. Due to the large amount of dynamics that goes into this tank, the player must be ready at all times for their role on the battlefield to change. It is important to remember that, while the Lightweight does move around the battlefield very quickly, yolo rushing into the enemy team will surely get you killed and is definitely not the correct way to play the tank. As the game evolves, vehicle classes are getting a lot more important.being able to use your vehicle in its' intended role is absolutely essential for long-term success.


Now that we have outlined the T-54 Ltwt's strengths, it's time to dive into the best ways of exploiting them and yielding the best possible result consistently. Before you even load into the battle, analyze the enemy team composition as well as your own. Notice any patterns, which team has more heavy tanks, tank destroyers, medium tanks, and where they are most likely to be in the first minute of the battle. Once you have come to a reasonable assumption about where the enemy tanks will position, use the Lightweight's great mobility and camo to quickly spot the red team as they drive into position. This will allow your team to get easy shots off at the start of the battle without taking return fire. When scouting at the start of a battle like this, remember that you have a gun too. Don't be afraid to use it so long as the enemy will not spot you, or at the very least be able to shoot you in the event that you do fire your gun. 


Once you have spotted the enemy team moving into position, relocate accordingly. Try to find the best position along the second line to support your team. Be aware of where the enemy team is relocating to and be ready to leave your position in advance (hint, the minimap is useful when you need this information). If it is possible to flank the enemy, by all means do so, but remember that as soon as they spot a T-54 Ltwt farming damage into their poopers, they will turn around and attempt to return fire. The goal of playing a second line support role is to keep your gun firing at all times without taking damage whenever possible. As such, I would recommend not being shot at without a good reason. (i.e you are hull down against an enemy tank which is unlikely to penetrate your turret armor). 


At the end of a good battle you should have most of your hit points untouched and ready to be exploited. Move in to the front line, use the extra hit points to secure extra damage against the last remaining red team members. It is perfectly acceptable to die while doing this so long as the rest of your team doesn't throw the match. In the event of an obvious loss, fall back to the third line, behind the rest of your team (unless you have TD's, in that case spot for them). From this third line position, shoot at the reds as they yolo in to farm the rest of the team. As long as you are the last to die, it is relatively easy to farm some extra damage and prevent the game from being a complete disaster. 


While abusing the strengths of the Lightweight, one must remember that there are weaknesses too. This thing is a Light tank, and if you forget that, you are toast. If you play it as a Medium, it's just a bad Medium. Same thing with Super Pershing; if you try to play it like a Heavy tank, it's just a bad Heavy tank. This is because the Lightweight has pretty weak hull armor and terrible AP penetration "Firing gold rounds does not make you a noob, you're not playing a tier VIII light tank to make credits, so if you can't pen just spam that APCR." Apart from the aforementioned Pen and armor issues the T-54 Ltwt has very few flaws. Please don't nerf it, wargaming. 


A huge thank you to anyone who has read this far. I sincerely hope you learned something from this guide or at the very least were entertained. If you have any questions or comments leave them below, I appreciate any critiques or thoughts you may have.

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clin328 #2 Posted 19 February 2018 - 01:51 AM


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+1 and an AAA for max effort

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Or try listening to music when playing this game

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tanker070 #3 Posted 19 February 2018 - 01:59 AM

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6.6 out  of 10 
Just like your winrate in it. :teethhappy:

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wizo_ #4 Posted 19 February 2018 - 02:07 AM

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I literally just said like the first line or so in our rudy clan chat xd

I’m sampling the retiree life, of Blitz forums, not sure if I’ll be returning, but thanks for all of your advice and fun.


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t99_2015 #5 Posted 19 February 2018 - 02:35 AM


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T54 "Lightweight"



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Storm216 #6 Posted 19 February 2018 - 08:28 AM

    Wait, HEAT isn't standard ammo?!

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Why would you use refined gun on a light tank? Vertical stabilizer is the way to go.


Overall, good guide that should be helpful for those who care to read it. +1



lol333cmr #7 Posted 16 September 2019 - 02:57 PM

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:)Wow, thx I’m about to buy it and I wanted to know play it once I bought it with creds looks like I found the proper scource 

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