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Canal meta


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Ericmopar #41 Posted 03 May 2018 - 08:33 AM

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View PostVacazion, on 03 May 2018 - 12:22 AM, said:

Like Crusader, depends more on the tank layout.  The OP shows an effective position but rarely pans out that way in pub matches.  


However, my general preference is South East.  The meta has teams circling right.  Heavies and some TDs starting on the east side have to turn tanks 180 degrees to go left and get over that bridge.  For newbs it’s like pulling teeth to do that.  On the west side the meds and tds are bunched up at the rails so often easier to get a TD to go right on the west side especially there is that sniper hill right at the spawn.  


So why do I prefer South East?  Generally speaking, the hills and ridges make for good hull down and peek a boom tactics.  Skilled players can make good use of it.  


If I’m in a med or light I can escape quickly if outnumbered so long as I don’t push too far.   Be patient to see how the reds pop up.   The problem is getting the TDs and heavies to turn 180 degrees  (esp on the East side spawn where you have to get over that bridge to go left).  If they do, it’s a going to go well for the team.   If the heavies and TDs go north and there is an even matched med light fight, I like my chances. If reds go north I can flank.  If you are outnumbered just fall back and go north.  If I’m in a heavy or TD and I go SE, I can often convince others to do so.  In which case you have done something special in going against the circle right meta.  The meds light will go too because they have support and you’ll have a caravan team that will usually steamroll.





Even heavies do good there, because there are enough openings to shoot across towards other parts of the map, or even hold that back road around the SE perimeter.

Any tank with gun depression will do good up there on those hills once that corner is taken.

It's also a strait line access across the map to the Cap etc if necessary. 

If a heavy goes back there, it's a rude awakening for any lighter tanks that try to flank through the coridors along the south and east of the map.

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Big_Tidday_Goth_GF #42 Posted 03 May 2018 - 03:53 PM

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I really hate A in this cap unless I'm in a Bush <Kitty> and some tarded heavies try driving across that gigantic danger area to get to it so they can try camping there the whole game.

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