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Still Need Help with the T-44!!

Help t44 wotb tanks imverybadinthistank

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_Australian #1 Posted 05 May 2018 - 05:42 AM


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Fellow tanks,

So about a month or two ago I posted a help forum for the T-44. I read all the responses and took them into consideration and yet I’m still sht in the tank. Like I mean 27% WR in it. So I though I would post a vid on yt so you all can see my play style in it and get a better understanding about what I’m doing wrong and what I can do better. 


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Terutsuki #2 Posted 05 May 2018 - 05:49 AM

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I'm no unicum, but I think I do have a few things that may be useful. Take these with teaspoons of salt. 


Around the 50-second mark, you decide to head to the left of the park. Doesn't this expose you to more lines of fire, especially from the city?

Situational awareness is probably the biggest thing. Notice where your enemies are. You should be able to avoid taking fire from tanks like that Conq near 1:20.

Also, conserve HP. Your HP is worth more than your opponents', because it's YOUR HP. End-game meds are probably more powerful after a map opens up a little, no?


Be calculated in your aggression. 


Also- you'll find the 100mm LB-1 to help a lot- the accuracy is really useful. Get that. 


EDIT. You have literally the LOWEST base pen of all tier 8s [citation needed?]. Keep your ammo bar open and don't be scared to fire gold. 


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NWasabi #3 Posted 05 May 2018 - 07:56 AM


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You spent a lot of time looking for dodgy shots to take and took far too much damage as a result. I think it was a mistake to spend so much time on the hill side of the map - you ended up having to face the entire enemy team, including their tier 9s, your gun has low pen, and the T-44 has poor gun depression. Once the reds were spotted, you should have tried some cautious flanking maneuvers rather than trying to get frontal shots on them.


It doesn't really help that your T-44 isn't fully upgraded, try to get it up there ASAP. Free EXP can be useful.

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Zuke76 #4 Posted 05 May 2018 - 01:10 PM

    Get zuked

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Once that light pops up you get back down

_NF #5 Posted 05 May 2018 - 01:35 PM


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This is only my opinion, which may be wrong, but here is what I saw:

I would not go to that spot in a T-44. Either go on the right side of hills where you can hide while being on the roads, or flank the enemy team through city. You are not a Caernarvon, you can’t hull down with that gun depression. You also didn’t have clear shots and rushed the first few shots, staying exposed afterwards to take 700hp in two taps from the enemy. Stay in cover, don’t waste your hp and learn what spots to go to in different tanks. 

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LOL_GET_REKT123 #6 Posted 08 May 2018 - 01:29 AM

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Always, always assume enemies have a line of fire on you unless you're sure that they don't. In other words, be careful when the enemies have unspotted tanks. Second, you really shouldn't have gone there at the beginning, that place doesn't have much in the way of convenient cover.

In addition, don't ever, ever stay in sniper mode for more than three seconds at a time, because that's plenty of time for [edited]to hit the fan and someone who isn't in your view to pop you for plenty of damage.

Also seems you need to use the minimap more. You wouldn't have taken that hit at 2:30 if you had paid attention to the location of the enemies, as you drove right past a street where a tank was just sitting. Remember, situational awareness is key.

One last one...don't trade damage. In other words, fair fights are for suckers. You want to get a shot on them when they can't get a shot on you. This includes using gun depression, flanking, hull-down, etc.

Edit: At 3:15, you should most definitely not have stopped to take shots at the Tiger. I'm fairly sure their Centurion still had you spotted, and he knew exactly where you were. I would have popped around the corner behind you, waited until he crossed the road, then popped him in the side. Your camo would probably have reset by then.

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RommelTanker #7 Posted 08 May 2018 - 01:50 AM

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T-44 playstyle in a nutshell:

Less armored T-54 Mod. 1 with better mobility and DPM. I suggest you try to find positions that hide your softer hull and expose only your turret. Don't try to use gun depression, because you have none. Your gun handling is phenomenal, so abuse the sh*t out of it. The LB-1 is top priority for your grind. As someone else said, don't get skiddish when you need to use gold. Just USE IT.


Your other issue is staying still. There are very few situations where the T-44 is useful stationary, if ever (i have a secret spot on Mines that's hilarious as f*ck and I'll show you if you want). You need to wiggle your hull and turret when exposed, and shake the turret back and forth like you're doing a head whip. This trolls shots off your turret cheeks (which are OP) and frustrates the hell outta reds. And just remember, the T-44 is still your stereotypical medium. Solid all round with upstanding handling and armor.

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anonym_2ZNiJLJL8ln2 #8 Posted 09 May 2018 - 04:43 PM

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Your shooting is bad, your area awareness is awful, your positioning is pathetic, and your attempt at using medium tank "armor" is... retarded.

There is one medium tank in the game that can sort of kind of rely on it's armor protection, and it is called the M48(A5API) Patton (1976). 

You bleed way too much, you try and trade HP with a gun you obviously can't trust, against tanks with more alpha, and you hope you can mid range with that shell velocity.


Solution? uninstall Learn all of the above. At a much much lower tier (5). In a Crusader. And failplatoon into tier 7.

bg2b #9 Posted 11 May 2018 - 05:17 PM

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In general, I'd say you spend too much time in sniper mode looking for iffy shots, resulting in less overall awareness.  And you seem to have a habit of zooming in, aiming, finally getting ready to shoot, and then zooming out before actually shooting.  Probably this is something to do with finger placement or shooting mechanics, but you need to fix it.  If you're going to rely on sniper mode that much, then go ahead and shoot in sniper and immediately unzoom afterwards.

anonym_U7SLgsVd49lS #10 Posted 10 June 2018 - 06:16 PM


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I'll chime in because I recently purchased the T-44 and am slowly learning this one as well. 


But first I want to take a moment and recognize each person who replied to this thread and the input they have given - it looks like you all definitely took the time to watch the video and then offer honest observations - it's great to see that in this community!  


The way I'm preventing too much tragedy in my T-44 is practicing skills lower and playing a game or two at a time in it to see if I can make it work.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I'm a 45 ish % in my T-44 which is not good, but can be improved.  At least, most games I do 1000+ damage while not great, is better than a 0.


The way I started out with mine was saving up enough free XP so when I purchased it, researched every module on it, got 100% crew (I use money from Google surveys for a small amount of gold I carefully spend).  I promptly added 6/9 pieces of equipment, because I wanted to be sure any issues I could run into were not the fault of a stock vehicle but the driver.  Which it has proven - I need work.  


Of all the videos I have watched, I have found this tank needs to keep moving for the most part.  But it needs to move to areas where it can nail a shot or two from camo/cover and then scoot off to do it again somewhere else.  What I have done that has helped me usually is play somewhat cautious, and hang back a few moments to see where the team is going, and where some :reds may pop up.  The best games I've had so far were when I've identified exposed flanks and pumped the reds in the side, and at times the re


Either way, it's a fun tank because of mobility and gun and I hope you and I are able to improve in this tank!

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