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122mm_Smoothbore #21 Posted 01 February 2015 - 02:35 AM


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First epic fail i seen in forum poasting. XD 

Pitorkas #22 Posted 01 February 2015 - 02:59 AM

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View Postcptkirkam56, on 09 January 2015 - 09:30 PM, said:

Well guys, I tried to find player that wanted a team player and this is what I got instead. Only one guy wanted to try, I actually went and bought a smaller tank to try and help him out. He played two game, never listened and got killed real fast and quit. I have played so many losing matches it boggles my mind because of stupid know it all wallet warrior punks that are always in the biggest tank and brag about their 60+ win stats while your in the smallest tank on the board. Then they run to that stupid bridge like a noob would and get everybody else killed, sit back and steal your kill while not having to worry because you could shoot them twenty times and not loose. Then they call you the noob when you lose your life in the game trying to help the team. Besides the abuse they dish out when you comment on the unfair match up I always seem to find myself, or the outright defiance against teamwork you try to get when playing, they laugh and go out of their way to screw you. I always end up on the team like this, always, and if you have the stats like that, you didn't work your way up like I tried. Go ahead and deny it, but you're a liar or I have the worst luck on earth!

    So go at it guys, i tried to find team players and got this crap instead. I grew tired of guys seeing my weaker tank on the board trying my best to help the team and raced clear across the board to kill me to pad their stats. Or watched me slug it out with some tank then pull in front off my gun and steal my kill. 80% of my matches were with tanks two or three tiers higher and I had no chance at all. A few times I got lucky and was on a team that knew how to use teamwork.  That would be the 1% of my games. I don't think that wallet warriors deserve their stats and picking on the smallest every time is nothing more than cowardly.

    You guys never learn anything the hard way like I did in my 58 years and I can see the result in the college classroom where I teach. They try to cheat, don't do their work and come crying when they are failing. They don't form groups to study like the few smarter kids and satisfy their self esteem by calling them names like "nerd". When some of you grow up and attend college you'll have to learn that the hard way because you just won't listen now. Also you won't be able to use daddy's money to buy a grade!

     I also am ex military...we didn't win a war like you guys that are so tough and know everything online playing stupidly. We depended on each other and watched out for the weaker or wounded.  If you didn't,  there was something called "friendly fire accidents" that solved that problem! Sure wished that the programmers had added that feature. If you refused to fight like the cowards that everyone has seen in these random games, they didn't have to even use that excuse,  they just shot you outright!

    Good bye to the jerks that ruined a possible fun game and sorry to the guys that tried.



A lot of smart a s s e s in this place friend. Impatient people that forget that they will age too and will be obsolete eventually. I sent you a PM so we can play later or tomorrow.


ZeroDiplomacy82 #23 Posted 04 February 2015 - 04:06 PM


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Looking for platoon mates for t7-8, I'm not very good but love the game and just wanna have some fun add me in game

 Whiskey bent and hell bound


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